Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"For The Children"

You know, we hear this phrase a lot; often it's uttered as some completely unpalatable and constitutionally unacceptable intrusion on our liberties is being introduced. It's rare to see it used in a good way, but here is one such instance:

Boy Scouts of America Council Challenge Grant 2013
Program Purpose:
National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has created a challenge grant program specifically for local Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Councils and shooting sports programs. Challenge grant funds should reflect planning to strengthen and increase BSA Council activities in shooting sports and commitment to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of shooting sports activities and firearms safety.
Learning proper skills and safety techniques at an early age often results in a lifetime interest in shooting sports and the outdoors.
Yep. The NSSF is offering grants to Scout Councils across the nation to assist in setting up BSA activities dealing with the shooting sports. I know from my son's troop that they do both shotgun and .22LR rifle shooting; money from the NSSF will go a long way towards keeping equipment in top shape, whether it be updating safety equipment, purchasing more rifles and ammunition for the scouts, or just making sure that there are enough safety glasses and ear protection for the entire group.  

So, yes, the NSSF is doing something FOR TEH CHILDRENZ. They're offering funds to make sure that an approved organization has the best equipment possible to help train and educate young Scouts in the shooting sports. They're matching funds for any Council that wants to raise money to further their efforts in shotgun and rifle merit badges and general firearms safety education. This can only be a good thing.  

Here's something "for the children" that I think we can all support.  

That is all.

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