Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Calling MA Gunnies...

There's a rally on the Common today at noon.
This is your opportunity to make your voice heard to your state lawmakers! It is critical that you attend this important rally to show your support for our Second Amendment rights. If able, please schedule meetings with your state legislators in advance, and spend the day networking with other Second Amendment supporters.
Unfortunately, the way things have been at work I'll not be able to get away for the day. The best time to hold a rally is mid-week, when news is slow and a crowd gets attention; unfortunately that's when most of us are working. I know there's a good number of folks that work downtown, though; if you get a chance, take a long lunch hour and head to the Commons to show your support for the Second Amendment and your fellow MA gun owners.

We are not the problem. We are the good guys, the "white hats", the ones who obey the laws no matter how stupid they are. We are not the ones shooting up the inner cities. We are not the ones killing innocents. The only people that will be affected by the laws they are proposing are the people that society needn't worry about, the law abiding gun owners.

If you do go, please be respectful, polite, and politically aware. GOAL has a very handy fact sheet on the bills they have helped craft which will make life better for MA gun owners, as well as the proposed gun control bills, none of which will do a single thing to lessen gun crime but will significantly restrict our Second Amendment rights even more than they are currently. Be very careful when talking to the media - they are not your friend, and will take every opportunity to quote you out of context and paint you in the worst possible light.

The single best thing that could happen would be for thousands of well-dressed, well-spoken advocates for the Second Amendment to show up and be counted. If you can swing into your local representative's office for some face time, that's even better - it's easy to send a canned response to an e-mail or have a staffer take a phone call; it's much harder to shrug off an actual visit.

Boston Common at noon!

That is all.


Dave H said...

Just to offer a little encouragement: the outcry over the NY SAFE Act helped convince the legislature here that the 7 round magazine limit was ridiculous because it couldn't be implemented. Even the Governor admitted that nobody manufactures 7 round magazines. So they restored the previous 10-round limit as part of the state budget passed last week.

It's not a victory for gun owners by any means, but it does show that if enough voices speak up, the lawmakers listen.

So go git 'em, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

I feel for folks in the Volksrepublik of Massachusetts. I lived there for 40+ years before moving to North Carolina eight years ago (though NC has it's own problems, they're not nearly as bad as MA).

Good on those who arranged this rally and please, if you are a MA resident, do as Jay says and do your best to attend.

Jay, I have one nit to pick with this post. Not really directed at you, but gun rights activists in general.

I'd like to suggest something to gun bloggers, and particularly gun rights groups, and most importantly anyone lobbying their legiscritters in favor of gun rights and against any restrictions. And that is that we need to stop using the phrase 'law abiding gun owners'.

Cuz you see, once they pass 'laws' that prohibit what you are doing or what you possess, you can no longer claim you are 'law abiding' until you give up more of your rights. If you say that these laws only affect the law abiding, then they can just respond with, "well, if you are law abiding, you should have no problem abiding by our new laws."

Yes, it's nonsense, but there is a way to get the message across without setting that apparent trap for ourselves. I prefer the phrase, "peaceable armed citizen" or "peaceable gun owner".

I used to refer to myself as law abiding. But I can abide by no law that is unjust. As TJ said, "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."

I am a peaceable citizen, and the anti-rights cultist want to pass unjust laws to attempt to turn me into a criminal. What does that make them?

Andie said...

@ markofafreeman: I had not looked at/thought of it that way. Will surely keep that in mind when I make a reference!

Jay, wish I could have been there (as an expat, I still feel the pain!) Here's to hoping it went well...

TOTWTYTR said...

One of the benefits of being "retired" is that I can plan my schedule around events like this.

Good turn out although it wasn't all that warm and a bit windy. No one seemed to care and the crowd was enthusiastic.

There is another rally on April 19 that I plan to be at.