Thursday, April 25, 2013

And, One Today Makes Four In A Row...

Tim in MD sends in the latest DGC addition. This one's GREAT.

Elkins Park man killed after forcing his way into apartment
An Elkins Park man was killed late Friday after he forced his way into a stranger’s apartment in Cheltenham Township.

Jasper Brisbon, 32, wandered up to a couple late Friday at the Lynnewood Apartments as the pair spoke outside their unit. Brisbon, they told police, appeared to be on drugs. He stared at the pair for several minutes before the couple decided to go into their apartment, police said.
Here's the kicker. The gun they grabbed? AR-15. And even better? The goblin was awaiting trial on a previous assault charge. So, he's breaking and entering, has a history of violence, and does not respond to repeated commands to exit the premises. And appears to be on drugs.

Again, according to the anti-freedom forces they should have grappled with a violent criminal high on drugs rather than use the right tool. Either that or call 911 and wait - possibly 55 minutes - for the police to get there, hoping that he doesn't decide to kill them before the cops get there. It's especially interesting to note that Maryland has banned the very gun that was used, so that future break-ins might not be met with the right tool for defense.

It's hard to fathom why on earth they want to take away the best tools for defense. They claim to want to keep them away from criminals - who will get them anyways - when only the law-abiding will abide by the new laws. Only the people that should be trusted with these weapons will actually follow the rules and not own them, while those that break the laws will continue to do so.

So, inevitably, when the new laws fail, they can say we just need one more law...

Dead Goblin Count: 394

That is all.

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