Sunday, April 14, 2013

And Guess What I'm Doing TODAY?

Take a guess...

Hitting the rifle range with Brad_in_MA. His range has a 200 yard berm, and I'll be bringing the York Arms Conspirator to stretch her legs...

Brad wants to sight in his Marlin 60 at 75 yards, hence the spotting scope. There's also the Ruger 10/22 Takedown and the Kel-Tec SUB2000 as well as the Rossi 92 for some 50 - 100 yard fun. Might even get some pistol time on the pistol range if time allows.

This has the makings of a very good day indeed...

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Go have fun, and remember, PATIENCE!!! :-)

Dave H said...

I'm jealous. Got a brand new revolver for Buy a Gun Day (not really, the timing just worked out that way) and then I hurt my foot so I can't go to the range.

You guys have fun, which I know you will.

Ancient Woodsman said...

God Bless You, young man. Go out and enjoy! It's the perfect day to be outdoors, and the perfect activity to enjoy with friends.

Brad_in_MA said...

Hey All,

Brad_in_MA here. A number of comments.

The Conspirator is a work of art in steel & plastic. Wally, a job VERY well done. When funds allow, I have GOT to get me one of those. The Conspirator would be a great rifle for taking Prairie Dogs, only Colorado went full dumb-dumb and enacted all sorts of stupid nonsense that calls into question the legality of bringing such a rifle into CO.

Didn't sight in the Marlin for 75 yards. The left to right cross-winds were just a tad strong for my liking. But I did learn a valuable lesson. The Remington golden-bullet ammo shoots quite differently from Federal in that rifle. I think I'll stick to Federal, when I can find it.

Part of shooting is of course reloading. Jay quite liked my Spee-d-15 speed loader to expedite loading the Marlin. I got the 15 round variety 'cause it fits in my ammo box.

Shot the Kel-Tec . . . didn't really like it. I've shot a high-point 4095 and that was a bit more to my liking. It just felt a bit more substantial.

Also shot some 9mm through Jay's vintage Browning High Power. Nice pistol but couldn't hit squat. Maybe with better sights. ;->

Jay did a couple unexpected things with pistols at 100 yards. I'm sure he'll write about it. And yes, before your collective minds get too deep in the gutter, all were rated-G.

More later . . . watch this space.


Dave H said...

If Colorado won't let you bring the Conspirator in, set up a firing line in someplace free and shoot over the border. Lots of people talk about being able to shoot varmints in the next state, but not many have actually done it.

I've found Remington Golden Bullets to vary a lot in power, from the crack of a nice full power shot all the way down to the click of a dud. They're okay if you want to practice clearing a malfunction. I find CCI is pretty consistent. (I need to get a Marlin 60. NY's magazine limit specifically excludes rimfire guns with tubular mags.)

Sounds like you guys had fun.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

We love our 10/22 Take-downs...

Dann in Ohio

Brad_in_MA said...

Dave H.,

Get a Marlin 60. They are TONS of FUN for very short money. I got mine used for $75 but I bet you could pick up one new for less than $175. I have an el-cheapo 4x power scope on mine 'cause I got nearly 50 year old astigmatic crappy eyes.

The Rem fodder was a bit inconsistent. I had exactly ONE stovepipe in the Marlin but all other rounds shot and cycled just fine. Impact point was a tad lower and to the right compared to where Federal bulk usually hits.

And lastly, Jay was just about smitten with my speed-d-loader model spee-d-15. For loading a tube feed, pull the plunger, dump the rounds insert the plunger, and rack the bolt. It seems to take far less time to refill the spee-d than to reload the tube.

- Brad