Friday, April 26, 2013

A MArooned DGC First...

We have had an addition every day this week (I don't count the weekends, since some people have lives and aren't reading blogs and such on the weekends...) Bob S. sends in our Friday addition:

Updated: Man shoots, kills intruder with shotgun

[side note: did the intruder have the shotgun, or did the man shoot the intruder with one? This is why we endeavor to write precisely, folks. It's also why you should always believe the mainstream media, because they have layers and layers of oversight. And editors. Unlike us unshaven bloggers...]
A Midland man died late Tuesday night from a shotgun wound he suffered after attempting to enter a neighbor’s home in the 2400 block of Brunson, according to a press release from the city’s public information officer.

Midland police responded to a shooting at about midnight Tuesday and found Samuel Pompa, 32, with a shotgun wound to the chest. He was transported to Midland Memorial Hospital, where he died from his wounds, according to the release.
Ah, the homeowner had the shotgun and shot the intruder with it. So glad to see so many people taking our Vice President's advice...The intruder was armed with a baseball bat and appeared to be the neighbor of the shooter. The story is pretty basic, but you know what? When someone kicks down your door with a baseball bat in their hands, it's pretty safe to assume they don't want you to throw some pitches...

A whole week of DGC additions - I could get used to this!

Dead Goblin Count: 395

That is all.


Bob S. said...


Something you may have missed was the age of the defender -- he was 19!

Seems that even though he is too young to Carry a Concealed Handgun, he had need of a firearm.

Isn't it a little silly that a person old enough to drive, vote, sign a contract, get married, etc is limited to long guns for defense ?

Shane W said...

Five in a row, Outstanding!

Being a complete newb to the whole blogosphere (I've only been following blogs consistantly for a few months) I've missed most of your DGCs, but they quickly became my favorite posts to wake up to. Dead Goblins make my day. Thanks for a great blog, Jay, and thanks for your DGC!

Jay G said...


Honestly, I didn't think about it - a shotgun is my go-to for home defense, although I prefer a more modern design than a double-barrel (mine has a bayonet lug, because a shotgun without a bayonet is like a day without sunshine).


Thanks for the kind words. I can't take credit for the Dead Goblin Count; I picked it up a few years ago when Kim du Toit quit blogging. I felt it was important to keep a catalog of times where firearms were used by good guys to stop (permanently) bad guys.

Geodkyt said...

Bob -- What Jay said, although I'm fond of a Modern Defensive Carbine, myself.

Hadnguns are weapons you keep around for when you either don't think you need a real gun, when you absolutely know you won't be able to handle a long gun, or as a backup for when the long gun fails.

Note, items 2 & 3 are of more concern to the "professional" arms toter knowingly heading into harm's way -- although they are non-trivial concerns for home defenders, which is why there's a pistol (with spare mag) on the "rifle purse" along with a trauma kit, hand held flashlight, notebook & pen (the cover has a note that says "ASK FOR A LAWYER AND SHUT UP"), and other items you might likely need during or immediately after a home defensive shooting. After all, why should magazine pouches carry only magazines, especially when you doubt you'll need 9 spare mags? {grin}

Geodkyt said...

Oh, and I stuck a bayonet on my rifle purse, too.

Remember, bayonets are primarily psychological weapons, and thus are great for convincing surrendered prisoners to stay chilly until the cops show up.

Well, and because I like sunshiney days as much as Jay does. . . {chuckle}

Cormac said...

Oh NOSE!!!

You mean this was *gasp* "gun violence" committed by a person who the "victim" knew?

Mikael said...

I don't know about all of you, but I noticed something important in the language of the article.

The young man was labeled as "alleged victim", rather than oh say suspect, killer, shooter, etc, an important distinction. Then again it's a texan news source.

Anonymous said...

But, Jay he did throw pitches a whole bunch of them and they were tiny little balls (pellets).

Yes, it is too bad the laws prohibit the homeowner (if you rent you have rights like a homeowner) from buying a handgun. All of the training I have had always suggests bringing a long gun to the fight.