Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Little Levity

This is freakin' hysterical:

18 of the Best Autocorrect Struggles

I can't decide which is my favorite: "Jesus Taliban" or  "Great News! Grandma is homosexual!". These resonate, I think, because most of us have had, at one time or another, a text or PM go bad. We've all been in a rush to finish up a thought, and the tiny keyboard and frustrated, rushing fingers are not a match made in heaven. But it sure does make for some seriously funny gaffes!

I just realized something: Joe Biden's brain must be an iPhone with autocorrect stuck on...

That is all.


Pam said...

Re: Joe Biden - Best explanation I've heard yet. LMAO

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

These are always funny, but at the same time sad. Is it really that hard to look and make sure your message says what you intended before hitting "send"?

FrankC said...

"my ribs hurt from laughing".

Those messages were not that funny. More of a "meh" than a "lol".

Robert said...

Darn you, Jay G! I laughed so hard I hurt myself and woulda scared the cat if I had one. ZOMFG funny.