Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's Better Than Two in a Row? Why, Three Of Course!

Barron was kind enough to send this one along.

Spokane homeowner shoots, kills intruder crawling through doggie door
SPOKANE, Wash. -- A man was shot and killed after police said he was trying to attempt to force his way into a north Spokane home.
A witness told police a man the homeowners knew broke into the house through a doggie door. The homeowner fired a shot at the intruder, 28-year-old Marshall J. Balduff. Officers performed CPR but were not successful. The medical examiner says Baldruff died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

The recently deceased apparently had a beef of sorts with the homeowners and was attempting to gain access to their home while armed with a knife. Putting yourself in a limited mobility scenario (i.e. crawling into a house via a doggie door) while attempting to do harm to the occupants inside might work in a relatively gun-free place like NY or MA. In places like WA that - despite Seattle's best efforts - still have vibrant gun cultures and positive views on self-defense, it's not a winning strategy.

One thing to point out. This whole "a man the homeowners knew" part irks the hell out of me. This could be anything from a neighbor down the street to someone one of the homeowners worked with 10 years ago to - as has happened - someone that had been stalking an occupant in the house. Think about that when the forces against freedom trot out the old "you're more likely to shoot someone you know" chestnut (even odds if they use the "43 times more likely" BS from the debunked Kellerman study).

The guy that your wife worked with a few years ago who finally snaps and tries to grab her in the backyard? Well, if your wife drops him with her handgun that she carries specifically because she has a violent stalker following her? That's "someone you know" become a "death by gunfire" statistic. It's very much the same way they turn a 19 year old gangbanger getting blown away kicking in a door into a "child killed by gunfire". It's lies and bulls**t, because that's all they have.

We, on the other hand, have facts, logic, and still-breathing honest citizens.

Dead Goblin Count: 378

That is all.


Ygolonac said...

Spokompton represent! :P

Crawling in through the doggie door always struck me as a really good way to find out exactly how *mean* the inhabitant could be - anything from boots'n'bats on up through cutlery, firearms, and.. well, doggie doors do have a tendancy to be situated near kitchens and garages and other places where assorted household chemicals live. :ohdear:

Crotalus said...

Just out of curiosity, what exactly is the "Dead Goblin Count"?

Chris Byrne said...


Yeah, I'm in Spokane once a week or more (we live up near Sandpoint)... The local news has a self defense shooting at least once a week.

Though honestly... The Spokompton joke... Spokane folks really have no idea what a REAL bad neightborhood is.

I grew up in part in Dorchester, Mattapan, Southie, and just across the tracks in Milton, in the '80s. Machinegun fire at night... not an uncommon occurrence.

We'll leave out anything overseas...