Monday, March 18, 2013

This Is The World They Want For Us.

Barron sends in this lovely story out of the UK:

Drunken thug who battered girlfriend in the street making her face 'explode like an airbag' walks away with community service despite the fact he was on PROBATION

(apparently they have acres of headline space in the UK...)
A thug who attacked his girlfriend in the street has walked free from court after magistrates told him a community sentence is ‘tougher’ than prison.
Toby Hayden, 27, hit his partner of two years in a drunken rage when a cash machine told him he had insufficient funds to withdraw money.
Go look at the pictures. The woman - his girlfriend, someone he knows and theoretically likes - looks like she was hit by a car. This wasn't a slap in the face - although his sentence certainly was. He beat her into a bloody mess, and yet that was insufficient reason to put him in jail, according to the British courts. No, this warranted 200 hours of community service! That'll learn 'im! Any bets on whether or not this violent thug actually performs more than a minute or two of the service?

This is the world they want for us. They want us to be at the mercy of the strong and violent. They want to take away the best tools available for keeping these vicious predators at bay, all in the name of illusory "safety". Here's a free tip, folks. When you let violent criminals who beat up their girlfriends walk free, none of us are safe. The likelihood of being involved in a school or workplace shooting is statistically zero - while they are certainly horrific and make the national news, the sheer number of people shot, stabbed, or simply beaten to death in Chicago alone in one year eclipses the total number of mass shootings in the US throughout our history.

Simply put, you are at FAR greater risk from the violent drunk that judge just let go on personal recognizance than you are my AR-15.

This is what happens when effective tools of defense are taken away from the general public and any semblence of "self help" is not only actively discouraged but routinely prosecuted. No one stepped in to help that poor woman - because if they had stepped in, not only are they putting themselves at risk against a violent thug, they're also opening themselves up to prosecution should something happen to the poor lamb. He even attacked the cops who came to arrest him afterwards - anyone who had intervened would have gone 3 rounds with him, and would either lose the fight or get arrested after. Great choice, eh?

This is the uptopia they envision, folks. When the most effective tools - those that do not require extensive training nor superior strength - are outlawed, those that don't follow the law will rule the streets. Violent thugs who are not punished for their misdeeds - who are laughably told that "community service is tougher than prison" - aren't going to stay on the straight and narrow out of the goodness of their hearts *or* fear of prosecution. The strong and ruthless among us will be okay; the elderly, the infirm, and the meek will suffer greatly. Remember, there's a deterrent factor in knowing that your victim might be armed and capable of fighting back...

I don't want to live in their world, where we trade our hard-won freedoms for some cardboard cutout caricature of safety...

That is all.


JD Rush said...

I was honestly surprised they didn't charge the guys who intervened. Or charge her with hurting his hands with her face.

Wraith said...

Britain has gone utterly and completely mad.

BGMiller said...

Wonder what would happen if a bystander went and found a barrister to file charges against the yob for the mental distress of having to witness his attack?

Seems like the sort of skewed logic that just might work there.


Matthew said...

The "...only outlaws will have guns" ignores the point we should be making most often, which you bring up.

Thugs don't need guns. Guns offer little additional utility to someone larger, stronger, younger, meaner, better at violence, or who runs in a pack. That's the definition of "bad guys" in the public mind.

Guns offer the greatest utility to the smaller, weaker, older, gentler, less violent, and alone or outnumbered.

We can win over more undecided folks with that emotional resonance than abstract discussions about rights and tyranny. We can go into the higher level issues after they agree that "guns aren't bad."

Anonymous said...

This guy wrote the UK version of The Second City Cop Blog.

Killed by Political Correctness this year.


Heath J said...

In a perfect world, her relatives would find and curbstomp his ass.

Were that one of my sisters, he'd consider himself lucky ending up in a body cast, if they found him at all.