Thursday, March 28, 2013

That Squirrelly Feeling...

If it's Thursday, it must be time for The Squirrel Report!

Join us tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern for a lively discussion of the racist roots of both marriage licenses *and* gun control. There's been a lot of buzz in social media over the recent US Supreme Court hearing of another gay marriage case, with many clamoring for a ruling that would allow gay marriage across the US. While I've seen a large number of pro-gun friends change their statuses to support nationwide gay marriage, sadly I haven't seen a lot of LGBT folks standing in support of Second Amendment rights - even though both causes stem from similiar racist origins. And speaking of racist origins, we might get into certain aspects of gun control and gun culture dealing with urban areas and "non-traditional" gun owners. If we have time.

Which we may not, because our call-in topic kicks butt! With the recent banning of dodgeball in - of all places - live (formerly) free or die land, we're seeing more and more games from our childhood being banned, discouraged, and outright dropped. No more tag, because then someone has to be "it", no more dodgeball because it's too dangerous, etc.

Call in - 214-530-0036 - and tell us your favorite childhood activity that is now banned!

Squirrel Report - because you needed an excuse to drink on a Thursday anyways, right?

That is all.


HerrBGone said...

You should try to get LawDog to come on the show tonight what with his dispatching two squirrels this very day... (Go have a read if you haven't yet. And there is a class three beverage warning placed upon this post.)

Anonymous said...

That is simple look at cartoons. Remember Bugs Bunny? Some of his pals smoked, that is now being removed. Various other things they did is also on the block.


Stretch said...

Playing mubbly-peg during recess with POCKET KNIVES!!1!!