Friday, March 15, 2013

Sorry, I Had To Use This Title: Up In Smoke...

Marijuana Growing Operation Uncovered After Worcester Fire
WORCESTER (CBS) – Firefighters uncovered a marijuana growing operation in Worcester after a fire broke out in a first floor apartment on Cargill Street Thursday morning.
Firefighters were worried the fire had spread when they detected heat coming out of the second floor apartment. They broke down the door and found 15 to 20 pot plants growing inside.
When asked for comment, the Worcester Fire Chief simply replied, "Dude, I really need some Twinkies and Fritos right now"...

You know, I'm tempted to make an analogy between the failed War on Drugs and the proposed War on Guns they're pushing on us right now. Point out that marijuana is illegal for recreational use, that it has been illegal for decades, and yet folks still risk jail time and fines to procure it for their own use and to sell at a profit to others who would like to indulge. And that's for a recreational drug that, functionally, really isn't a hell of a lot different than alcohol in the end result: You use the product, your reality is altered for a few hours, you sleep it off.

These operations are generally easy to discover - as the article states, there was a steady stream of less-than-desirable characters coming out of the apartment. Not to mention that the equipment used to grow MJ in northern climates tends to use a disproportionate amount of electricity - basically, look for the electric meter whose needle is spinning like a airplane propeller and you've got a good chance there's a pot growing operation therein. Or just look for the stacks of pizza boxes and Twinkie wrappers.

And yet, this enterprising young gentleman risked a not-inconsequential amount of jail time to grow his own illicit substance.

What's the likelihood that - once the forces against freedom finally get their way and the Second Amendment is completely forsaken - guns will magically cease to exist? Forget, for a moment, that most firearms are durable goods and quite often will outlive their owners (speaking, as I am, as someone who owns several firearms older than my own father - and grandmother); making a working firearm really isn't that terribly difficult (making them very well, like the good folks at York Arms, mind you, takes lots of skill, knowledge, and I believe a touch of sorcery...)

Or, you know, they'll just import firearms from the same places they get heroin and cocaine?

That is all.

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Ygolonac said...

Pizza boxes? Lotsa of power use? Heat?

Congratulations, you have busted a LAN party... :V