Saturday, March 2, 2013

Of Threats, Empty...

Remember in the run-up to the sequestration, how we were told that if we had to undergo sequestration, one of the dire consequences was that ICE was going to have to release illegal immigrants slates for deportation?

Well, get your shocked face ready, because they were lying through their teeth. Again.

Thousands of illegal immigrants already released, according to report
Thousands of illegal immigrants ticketed for deportation have been released from federal detention centers in recent weeks, according to a report that came out even as the White House and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denied any involvement in the policy.

Plans to release illegal immigrants in anticipation of looming budget cuts were announced earlier this week, but the report by The Associated Press detailed the policy had already taken effect and on a much larger scale. Citing federal documents, the agency said more than 2,000 illegal immigrants facing deportation had been released from immigration jails and plans exist to release 3,000 more people by the end of the month.

Got that? They had already released thousands of illegals slated for deportation before they made that threat. Not only that, but they had thousands more scheduled for release regardless of whether sequestration happened or not. This was a completely empty threat. Actually, no, scratch that, it's even worse. It's the terrorist threatening to kill the hostages that are already dead - those criminals had been released before they ever made the threat, and even if sequestration had been avoided, they'd have been released anyways.

Now, they're saying that the decision to release these immigrants was made "in the field", which if you believe that I've got prime oceanfront property in Arizona to sell. They honestly expect us to believe that "field agents" are releasing thousands of illegal aliens scheduled for deportation without contacting ICE directly. And, wow, in states like AZ, TX, CA, and ... Georgia? AZ/TX/CA are understandable - that's a lot of where the traffic is coming from Mexico, but GA? I suspect they're sending a message, and not a particularly good one.

How do you know an Obama administration official is lying? Their lips are moving...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

It was field agents than ran the free guns to drug cartels in Mexico right? DC knew nothing about it so saeth the press.


Bubblehead Les. said...

So if the BATFE is under Homeland Security, and ICE is under Homeland Security, one would think that the Secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security would at least have gotten a Memo from her Underlings that Gun Walking and Prisoner Release was occurring, eh?

And yet, we are to be comforted by the fact that we have someone in charge of DHS that has OBVIOUSLY studied under the Sgt. Schulz School of Leadership.

"I see nothing, Nothing NOTHING!"

Oh, BTW, if ICE was told back a couple of months ago that they were to "Cease and Desist" in their Efforts to round up Illegals by the White House (which they did in spite of the FACT that the White House has NO AUTHORITY to do so, because the "DREAM ACT" is NOT LAW) AND they are releasing Illegals, why in the Hell is ICE getting HALF the Tens of Millions of rounds of Ammo that DHS has Ordered, and the rest of the 100+ Agencies get to split the rest?

I mean, if there was ever an Agency that should be sitting around the Unemployment Hall looking for work, you's think it would be ICE, the SECOND LARGEST FEDERAL POLICE FORCE IN THE COUNTRY! But they rather release what few Illegals they have rather than get rid of 10,000 Cops they don't need?

Or does DHS need them for "Something Else" down the road?

Anonymous said...

Georgia has a large demand for ag workers, so they get a lot of illegals. Plus it is easy(ish) to hide in Atlanta. Remember that some pretty big drug smuggling busts have been in Atlanta, especially Atlanta's airport. The city is a transportation hub.