Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Addition

Gerry sends in a DGC addition to start the week:

No arrests planned in fatal shooting Monday, says Sumner County sheriff
Sumner County law enforcement authorities said they finished their investigation of a fatal shooting Monday night in which a 41-year-old man from Iowa was shot by a farmer.

Sumner County Sheriff Darren Chambers said no arrests will be made in Monday’s shooting, and that the farmer shot the man in self-defense.

The comments are rife with comments like "i didn't realize that car theft was punishable by the death penalty." It's a sad commentary on the state of modern education, really, that someone could read a single-page story about a man defending his life and come away with that. The deceased, by all accounts, was not a law-abiding person - he had warrants for his arrest, was driving a stolen car, and evaded a toll, leading to the state highway patrol giving chase. He abandoned the car and started walking through the neighborhood, at which point the police alerted residents to his presence.

And when he attacked a man armed with a shotgun, he was shot dead.

Now, I know. The farmer should have fired two blasts into the air to scare the guy away, right? That's the conventional "wisdom" from our esteemed Vice President. Unless the goblin is standing behind a door, in which case the farmer would have been justified in shooting him, that is. It's hard to imagine the world these people live in, where a "warning shot" or "shoot him in the leg" is sufficient. I can only imagine that Hollywood and the warped sense of "reality" they promulgate come into play here.

No, it wasn't the death penalty for stealing a car - it was stupidity being fatal.

Dead Goblin Count: 376

That is all.

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