Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It Is Official.

I am officially part of the gun lobby. No, I haven't been hired by the NRA, but I did receive my first wheelbarrow of cash:

This arrived in the mail last week from Jeff K. I have my very own wheelbarrow full of cash now! Thanks Jeff!

It's funny. I saw the small box in the stack of mail, and wondered what the heck I'd ordered and forgotten about. I saw the return address, and was extra puzzled - it looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. Plus it was a residential address, not a store, and I hadn't purchased anything on eBay that would be delivered last week.

Then I opened it up and started laughing, and I think my family thought I'd lost my mind.

Well, moreso than usual...

Thanks Jeff! It now occupies a special place on top of the desk, my very own initiation in the great and powerful - and well-funded - gun lobby... 

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

It's too bad that in today's Economy that MIGHT buy you a 50 round box of .22 Solids.

IF you can find any.

Anonymous said...

Where's tha link to order one? Want Want Want Want Want Want

Anonymous said...

Well that is most certainly NSFW did you know you have a "wheat penny in there?

NSFW here means: Not Safe for Wallet

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

I'm JEALOUS...OOOOOOoooooohhh.
Me too. I want one of those.
Maybe I'm gonna have to write a blog or something, instead of lurking around the fringes n all.

Rich in NC