Friday, March 15, 2013

Interesting Training Tool

So, I got a presser yesterday about a new training tool available from the folks at LaserLyte. They've come out with their first plastic training handgun, the LT-TT:

It's a neat concept - a blue gun you can use with the LT-Pro universal laser training device to practice skills like drawing from concealment and firing or engaging multiple threats. Coupled with something like the LTS Target or the Reaction Tyme target and you could have a pretty decent training set-up in the comfort of your living room or man-cave. Heck, even in the family room once the kids go to bed.

One of the great things about a set-up like this is that you could put the targets on a stand in your house where you'd be likely to have a goblin present and train from a variety of points - sitting in the kitchen at the computer; sprawled out on the couch watching TV; you could even set one up in the doorway of your bedroom and practice a scenario for someone coming into your bedroom.

I hope that the LT-TT is the start of a set of training tools; while it's a neat idea on its own, I would really like to see training models made for specific handguns down the road: The Glock 26, the Smith & Wesson M&P, the SIG SAUER P250, etc. If they could get the LT-Pro to sit recessed in the barrel area, perhaps with a positive pressure lock so that it sits flush I think this could be an absolute home run of a training set-up.

It's always great seeing the new items coming out to help us train better, and LaserLyte has a number of great tools. I've got a few of the LTS Training cartridges, and I can't tell you how helpful they are for a variety of tasks like aligning laser sights, training with the LTS Target, or simply practicing in the cold of winter without freezing my fingers off at the range. It's great to see the cool new stuff they're coming out with, and I hope their R&D department keeps churning out new training tools!

Because no matter what - keep training!

That is all.


Dave H said...

I'm working on a program to use a webcam to track training laser shots on a target. Would you be interested in trying it out?

Don F said...

Is it on the list of approved firearms for MA?????

Soap Box One said...

Next up, a coach gun version called "The Biden" to practice blindly firing out into the dark.

AK™ said...

"You don't need a Glock,they're too hard to operate and they're too complicated for little gals to use them. what you need is a shotgun,double barrel."