Monday, March 25, 2013

Going Out On A Limb...

Just got this story in fresh off the BLNN:

Police arrest suspect they say shot 4, 1 fatally, in NYC shooting Friday
NEW YORK – New York City police have arrested the man they say fatally shot a man and wounded three other people in Brooklyn's Coney Island section.
Authorities say 29-year-old Joseph Brown was arrested Saturday morning. He allegedly shot four people inside an apartment in a public housing development on Friday.
Allow me to make a few predictions here:

1. Brown does not have a valid NY pistol permit.

2. Brown is in fact a prohibited person.

3. Brown did not obtain the firearm used in this shooting legally.

4. Brown has a long criminal record and should have been in jail at the time of the shooting.

The story doesn't get into any details, but I'll bet the four predictions above are accurate. All of the gun control rules that the forces against freedom claim we need won't stop these shootings. Only good, old-fashioned criminal justice - where career criminals are sent to jail and kept there - is going to put a stop to this sort of thing. The grandstanding over mass shootings like Newtown gloss over the real crime issue, where violent thugs are repeatedly slapped on the wrist over and over again.

But going after career thugs doesn't give you a scary-looking rifle to wave around, does it Senator Feinstein? Mayor Bloomberg would rather influence the Colorado legislature than address the failing of his own city to protect its citizens from violent criminals. All the assault weapons bans and magazine bans in the world aren't going to stop a gangbanger who has never served more than a month in jail for violent crime from shooting his next victim. At the very best those are charges pleaded away, often times they are completely ignored.

Unless of course you're a service member who happens to get caught with a 30-round magazine in New York City, that is...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Just a slight correction, Nathan Haddad was arrested for the unloaded 30-round mags in rural upstate, NY -- not NYC. He worked at Fort Drum near Watertown, and the arrest happened near there.

I grew up with Nathan. We went to the same church and school. His arrest is a disgrace, but not surprising in Cuomo's NY.

John said...

Aren't most public housing areas posted as gun-free zones?