Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Sent in by - who else - SCI-FI, may I present to you something so incredibly geeky that you know it must be banned in Massachusetts?

Homemade Taser Sword created, just because you can
There are some of us who never grow out of the desire to shoot fire or lightning from our bodies after reading a comic book or playing a video game. Fortunately, if you’ve got some electrical tape and a bit of know how, you can choose between growing up and owning a Taser Sword.

It may be hard to imagine a scenario in which you are surrounded by swords and tasers and you think to yourself “I sure wish I could combine these things into something even better,” but that’s exactly what happened.
You have to see it, you just do:

It is banned in MA, in that Tasers are banned. Would I be tempted to try this otherwise? Oh, hell yes. Would there ever be any sort of application for a taser sword? The more I think about it, the more I realize it doesn't matter, BECAUSE TASER SWORD.

That this is about as close as we'll come to lightsabers *or* Jedi lightning is reason enough...

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

TSA approved?

Anonymous said...

Show us how it works! Doesn't the dude have a little brother?


Phillip said...

If you had posted this a few weeks ago, I'd be reconsidering my costume for MegaCon in Orlando. I doubt that I've got time to get the components in, assemble, and test at this point, the convention is the weekend of 3/15-1/17. But oh, so many ideas are running through my head.

Anonymous said...

It appears he does have a little brother to test it on!


instinct said...

That is all kinds of awesome!!!

Dave H said...

Meh. If he'd mounted those blades so they were farther apart at the tip than at the base he'd get a cool Jacob's Ladder effect.

Also, it's not a Taser, it's a stunner. A Taser fires projectiles while to use a stunner you need to get within poking distance of the goblin.

But still, telling the guys at your weekly D&D game that you defeated a real life goblin with an electric sword is going to earn you plenty of awesomeness points.