Friday, March 29, 2013

Funny How This Isn't Front Page News...

Remember last year, when the president of Chik-Fil-A spoke out against gay marriage? That got a fair amount of press, from my recollection. How come, then, this story isn't getting wider air play, then?

California Chick-fil-A gives free meals to gay marriage supporters at rally
A California Chick-fil-A surprised gay marriage supporters at a rally by passing out free meals coupons, despite the fast food chain's COO's outspoken stance against same-sex marriage.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports Corey Braun, the owner and operator of a franchise in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., says he felt the gathering was an opportunity to show hospitality to members of his community, regardless of their beliefs.
You know, that's a pretty decent move right there. A pity it's not as widely disseminated as the previous interaction between Chik-Fil-A and gay marriage supporters. I guess it's only news when an organization with right-leaning tendencies runs counter to the media's pet projects, and not the reverse. In any case, good on Chik-Fil-A for being decent despite having received a large helping of grief from this same group of folks.

We discussed the gay marriage debate last night on Squirrel Report. I didn't really get much into it, because, honestly, it's a non-issue IMHO. You see, there are plenty of states that recognize gay marriage, so if a gay couple wants to get married, they can just move to that state. Problem solved. You don't like the laws regarding gay marriage in your state? There's plenty of states that are more accommodating.

That sounds ridiculous, right? They should uproot themselves from the community they're in so  that they can move to a more tolerant state, rather than agitate for common sense in their current state? Who finds that acceptable? Well, a good number of gun control supporters do, if you listen to their arguments. If I want to own a new Glock, I should move to New Hampshire, because NH does not have the ridiculous "Approved Firearms Roster" that says Glocks can't be sold to MA gun owners - but can be issued to police officers.

I know, I know, beating the dead horse and all, and it's not exactly applicable to the current fight for gay marriage rights. It's just interesting to see so many people - including many on the pro-gun side - standing up for gay marriage as a general human right. Especially considering that marriage is a purely social construct, whereas the right to self-defense is an innate right, but I digress. It's unfortunate that couples that wish to join together are prevented from doing so in many locations - it's even more unfortunate that the government is even in the marriage business to begin with.

And it's sad to see many of the same people screaming about "basic human rights" also agitating for more "gun control" - seems THEIR rights are sacrosanct, while mine can be discarded...

That is all.

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