Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n: The G-d's Own Caliber Edition...

Yeah, so gun pr0n # 308 is a pretty big deal... I got a LOT of submissions - thanks everyone!

First off, mine:

Savage Model 10


Wally has a couple:

1966 Enfield in 7.62, the only rifle that my dad left me. Still shoots
accurately but the headspace has opened up beyond my liking.

308 AR, lightweight build, fed from G3 magazines (abundant, pre-94,
and cheap!).

Libertyman has a rare one:

Here's a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in .308 of mine  - I forget what year it was made, but it wasn't too long after the .308 made its debut.
It is in as new condition.

McThag sends in his 308s:

Top: Arm of the Free World in God's Own Caliber, Second Coming.
Bottom: Finest Battle Implement Ever Devised in God's Own Caliber, Old Testament.

Kris in MI sends his in:

First picture -- Right Arm of the Free World
I'm an FAL junkie.  All 3 are DSAs with the first one a clone of an Austrian StG-58A, the middle one is a 16" SA58 dressed up with Israeli furniture, the bottom one is a SA58 in Paratrooper dress.

Second picture - Brothers
I love the story of the development of the G3.  The top rifle is a CAI-clone of a Spanish CETME (this one is with the early cast stainless receiver) and the bottom is a HK91-clone...a PTR-91 with a collapsible HK stock.

Third picture - FN
This is my "sniper".  A FN PBR XP which is a very nice version of the Winchester Model 70 action with a detachable magazine, 24" fluted heavy barrel.  This rifle will easily shoot 1/3 MOA with my handloads of Varget and 168 gr SMK bullets.  This rifle now wears a Manners stock, oversized bolt handle, CDI bottom metal with detachable 10 round magazine.

Forth picture - Torino
On a whim, I bought a semi-auto Israeli Browning M1919A4 that was converted to 308.  The M2 tripod and T&E  mechanism were acquired from a guy in Norway (shipping on that sucked) and I added a "crank" on the trigger mechanism that fires 3 times per turn of the crank.  Just the thing to keep the hoodlums off my property!


DPMS LR 308B. 18" cryo treated bull barrel, Weaver 4 ~ 20 X 50mm Superslam FFP scope, modified JP trigger, Magpul MOE grip. With my handloads, easily a consistent sub moa rifle. An EEeeeevil black rifle that makes gun fearing wusses wet their pants.

Jim S. has a couple:




Here's my 308 rifle, a Bushmaster ORC 308.  I've Magpuled the crap out of it, and also with it in the picture is 3 LR20 magazines, soon to be doubledy-unpluss evil here in Colorado.  Glad I got them when I could, and wish I had got more.

Stretch's M1A:

Springfield M1A topped with a Leupold 3.5X10 scope.

Rick R.'s awesome target rifle:

Here's my GA Precision .308. Built off a Remington 700 short action,
Bartlein Barrel, McMillian stock. this pic has it wearing a Leupold
scope, it now has a Nightforce 3-15x56.

Skip's  308:

The Displaced Louisiana Guy has a familiar-looking Savage:

Saw a pic of your Savage 10 a while back, and couldn't help but chuckle. I own the same gun, with the same stock, but in left hand. Figured I'd send a "mirror image" pic of your savage.
Also, as I'm sure you know, it's a shooter. The second pic is 10 rounds at 100 yards, with some handloads. The 10th shot was a called flier. I knew before I recovered the sight picture that I jerked the trigger. Without the flier, it's a 9 shot group measuring .515 inches. With the flier, it's a 10 shot group at .89 inches.

Chuck's Ishy:

That's a right good-lookin' group of rifles there, folks!

That is all.


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Nuts. If I'd thought about it, I would have sent pictures of mine, too. So here's a link to the old "new acquisition" post, instead.

It's a plain-Jane Savage Model 110, with an inexpensive scope, but it shoots pretty well.

Rifleman762 said...

Glad to see two Ishapores here. I've had "the itch" for a 2a or 2a1 recently.