Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #310

Today's gun picture comes to us from Roger, who shared his York Arms AR-15 with us before:

I'll let Roger tell you about this beauty:
Here's an unusual rifle for your consideration.
After having built the York Arms based AR that you so kindly highlighted on your blog, I found my self an Anschutz target rifle for my Smallbore Prone competition.
It's an Anschutz 54 action with an Atkinson cut rifle barrel fitted by Karl Kenyon in a composite stock with a little patriotism added.  Mr Atkinson made top level barrels for many years until being recruited by Ruger to run their barrel making operation.
7 way adjustable trigger @ 4 oz & a Weaver T-24 target scope with 1/4moa dot.
In the two months I've had it, I won the Expert class of my club's Smallbore prone both months.
Now working toward Master classification.
I see exactly one thing wrong with a rifle like that: No excuses. Oh, sure, when you've got a 30 year old Remington 511 with a freebie BSA 3-9X scope on it, a 3 MOA group at 50 yards isn't all that bad. But that Anschutz? I'd be embarrassed at anything less than sub-MOA at anything 100 yards or closer, even with bulk ammo.

I really do need to get my s**t in one sock and decide on a .22LR target platform. With the state of ammo these days, I've got sufficient .22LR stock to last me a while, but not match .223 or .308. With a nice .22LR target rifle like the Savage Mark II TR, I'd have a great stand-in for my Model 10 that I could shoot for hours without dislocating my shoulder - or my wallet.

Thanks for sharing Roger, despite rekindling my need for another rifle... 

That is all.


Anonymous said...

"But that Anschutz? I'd be embarrassed at anything less than sub-MOA at anything 100 yards or closer, even with bulk ammo."

You'd be surprised how finicky smallbore target guns can be. I'd guess that there's about a 50-50 chance the gun would shoot bigger than 1" groups (with a machine rest, 10 shots or so) at 100 yards with a randomly selected lot of Eley Tenex. Find a lot that the gun likes, and it'll shoot phenomenally well. But the lot that his Annie shoots really well could be lousy in mine.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, about .22LR...

You see, I'm working our local Fun Show down the Road from Heath's and Amanda's place this weekend, and I'm SELLING, yes SELLING Ammo. Mostly cheap 9mm and .40 S+W Ball that I imported from New England a few years ago ;-), but the one Caliber I'm NOT parting with is .22LR.

In fact, I'm hoping that I can make a Deal for some at the Show, maybe Cash and Trade.

Yeah, it's THAT BAD over here.

Roger said...

That Annie most certainly shoots sub moa with Eley Match ammo and Lapua Center X ammo.
Last weeks smallbore match I fired with sling, jacket and glove, no rest no bags, a 400 27x 100 yd score. The x ring is about 1", the 10 ring is about 1 3/4".
In practice yesterday, I fired a 200 17x on the 50 meter target (56 yards) The 50 meter 10 ring is 3/4" with a 3/8" X ring. The rifle is a better shooter than I am.

Wally said...

I had an Anschutz 54 in the shop for a bit, and the owner encouraged me to thorougly test it. Beautiful rifle with ammo that it likes, as is typical of any high end rimfire.

zeeke42 said...

I just shot my new Savage Mk2-trr-sr last night. It puts them in 1 hole easily on the 50 ft indoor range I test fired it on after mounting the scope. I can't wait to take it outside and see what it can do at real distance. You're welcome to try it out

Brad_in_MA said...

Wally, others,

My bud Alan, he of the Smith model 41 target pistol, says the same. When the gun is fed ammo that it likes, nothing is more accurate. In proper hands, it will make ragged hole smaller than a dime at 50' indoor. But when it gets ammo that it doesn't like, Alan calls the gun a finicky little bitch. His preferred target ammo brands are CCI Standard Velocity & Eley.
- Brad

Mr. Kermit said...

Jay, you HAVE a target .22. You have the Remington 511. ::heheheh::

Okay, maybe not quite same-hole-accuracy at 100 yards, but I know mine is certainly accurate enough to plink clays at that range and farther, and a careful aim can put a .22 pellet through the eye of a cottontail at 30 paces. Best of all, it likes ALL .22 ammo; it's about as accurate with .22 CB as it is with CCI Stinger, albeit with a shorter range.

Do have to ask, though... 30 year old rifle? I didn't know they made them that recently; mine has to be from the early 60's at the latest, as it was never given a serial #. My grandpap's old 511 is the same way, and that one was from the early to mid (?) 40's.