Friday, March 8, 2013

Free Friday Firearms - uh - Stuff!

Aaron has the latest round-up of gunnie stuff you can win!

There's some really great stuff on that list: the brand-new Ruger LC380, a Kel-Tec PMR-30, two 1911s (including one on .38 Super, which is probably the only ammo you're going to find these days...) and a few other handguns. There are a LOT of rifles, most of them AR-15 pattern rifles, up for grabs, which is also interesting as there are precious few actually on gun store shelves - you might only be able to win one! There are also a LOT of accessories available to win, which is great for the folks in states like, ahem, Massachusetts where most of the firearms are verboten...

(also, Aaron, you've got the KRISS Vector carbine listed under pistols, not rifles...)

Don't forget, too, that Linoge has a killer fundraiser going with a bunch of stuff you can win with a donation to Honored American Veterans Afield!

That is all.

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Exurbankevin said...

And Danno's fundraiser for the Rio Sporting Clays people! Don't forget that!