Friday, March 1, 2013

Doubling Down on Stupid...

Ironically, this post is NOT about Joe Biden. No, this is something that several folks sent in, most likely because it happened here in MA...

Massachusetts woman sues FedEx after marijuana package, followed by intended recipient arrives at door
PLYMOUTH, Mass. – A Massachusetts woman is suing FedEx, saying the company erroneously sent her a package containing seven pounds of marijuana, then gave her address to the intended recipients who later showed up at her door.
Maryangela Tobin of Plymouth says in the suit filed Feb. 12 the company violated state privacy laws by disclosing her address and put her and her children in danger.
Okay, now, we're going to assume that the story is correct as written, because, quite frankly, "person stiffs drug dealer, blames Fed Ex" isn't as good of a story. Now, that said, I'd like to think that Fed Ex wouldn't just hand out the address of the person they delivered the package to incorrectly, as they could be a in world of hurt for that. Sadly, it would not surprise me to hear that this was the case. Wonder what would have happened if the intended recipient had kicked in the door and injured the home's occupants looking for their package?

That's gotta be one hell of a shock, though - you open up the box, thinking that the last-minute gift you ordered for your child's birthday party finally arrived only to find a box full of mary jane... I can't blame the woman for calling the cops - I'd treat that package like a radioactive owl turd myself. I'd be tempted to leave it out on the front porch until the cops arrived - last thing I'd want would be for my house to smell like a Cyprus Hill concert, you know?

There's no truth to the rumor that the woman was quoted as saying "Thank goodness it was just a box of marijuana and not new P-mags - those might have gotten me in trouble!"

That is all.


wizardpc said...

The scheme goes thusly:

Step 1: have your buddy send a package to a (usually vacant) house that isn't yours.

Step 2: Wait for the package to be delivered

Step 3: Watch the house and wait for a puppy-killing SWAT team to arrive, to make sure the cops aren't on to you.

Step 4: Grab the package off the porch, or give the resident a story about how Fedex screwed up the address, banking on most people's desire not to break federal mail-tampering laws by opening the package.

I don't think FedEx gave out her address. I think they intentionally sent it there expecting an easy pick up.

Anonymous said...

It is not atypical.

Bad guy sends dope to house he can keep an eye on directly or through friends.

When package arrives he comes over and claims the delivery guy told him it was delivered this address.

They pull this with FEDX, UPS and US MAil.


Dave H said...

I've gotten delivery notices from FedEx that they tried to deliver a package while I was away, so they left it wiht a neighbor at address whatever. I always thought it was a stupid idea. Where I live now they just leave it on the front porch, which I prefer.

jed said...

For a humorous take similar to this, see the movie Next Day Air. Not a great movie, but worth seeing once, especially if you can get it from the library.

Old NFO said...

Yep, sounds like a drug delivery gone bad...

Wraith said...

Gerry and wizardpc have it right. Do not defame FedEx, or I'll make sure your new 65" TV ends up loaded under the two tons of railcar couplings! ;)