Monday, March 11, 2013

Ban Drill Presses!

 Daniel in Brookline brought this article to my attention:

Outlaw Gunsmithing 2 – Going Mobile
Synopsis: Having written about how I “made” my own AR-15 lower receiver using a curiously shaped paperweight and a helpful CNC operator (see the post “Outlaw Gunsmithing” for full details), this is the next that series, which will include some more detail (and a number of photos of the process).

Now, before we get started, IANAL, nor do I play one on the internet. My understanding jibes with that of the author - that the "80%" receiver is not bound by Federal law, although state laws may or may not change things depending on location. I can only assume that chunks of aluminum send Mayor Bloomberg into a blind panic. I do know that you can buy complete uppers with no checks, as well as parts kits, stocks, and all the parts you need to finish an AR-15 pattern rifle.

So, assuming the premise behind the 80% lower receiver is correct, this means that one could assemble a modern sporting rifle completely legally without paperwork of any kind. Now, we're already detailed how an AK-47 pattern rifle can be made from a shovel; now we have the other ZOMG ASSAULT WEAPON also possible without the assistance of an FFL. Magazines can be printed using a 3D printer. Ammunition can easily be assembled in the home (heck, even *I* have made my own ammo).

And a ban or bans is going to stop this?

The only *REAL* reason for a *ban* on semi-automatic weapons is to prevent the citizenry from being armed. There are far too many guns already in circulation for any intellectually honest person to think that simply banning them will keep them out of the hands of criminals or the insane. There are literally millions of AR-15 pattern rifles alone in circulation, and tens or hundreds of millions of magazines. Unless the forces against freedom are willing to go door-to-door to collect every single one, any ban will fail.

And if they propose going door-to-door, they know their measure will fail.

I think the reason they're doing this is not to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, nor even to prevent determined citizens from being armed in the true spirit of the Second Amendment. I think the real reason is far more insidious - I think they're trying to erase the gun culture completely. Make the ownership of firearms onerous and fraught with legal peril and the number of gun owners drops precipitiously - we saw that in MA in 1998 when they passed the new gun control law. The number of gun owners in Massachusetts dropped by 85% after the law - now imagine a new draconian Federal law having the same effect.

Stamp out the gun culture and all the 3D printers in the world are meaningless. If folks have no interest in firearms because they've never known about them, in a few generations even more sweeping regulations can be made. Think the 1986 Hughes Amendment that forever fixed the number of legally transferable machine guns. Sure, it took 50 years, but they got around to making ownership of new machine guns illegal and existing machine guns prohibitively expensive. End result? Fully automatic weapons are more and more rare, and the few that are left are little more than toys for the independently wealthy...

If anything, the ban(s) they're proposing now are little more than a smoke screen. The indoctrination in public schools - where the vast majority of our children are "learning" - tells kids that a breakfast pastry shaped into an "L" is a dangerous gun and results in the child being suspended. What unmistakable message does that send? The child isn't going to grow up to view firearms as necessary tools for the preservation of life and liberty; no, they're going to grow up thinking it's something so nefarious that something shaped in its image - no matter how harmless, is something to be feared and vilified.

Over a few generations, with each generation facing more and more restrictions, how much longer before the gun culture in America resembles that in "Great" Britain or Australia?

That is all.


Freiheit said...

"There are far too many guns already in circulation for any intellectually honest person to think that simply banning them will keep them out of the hands of criminals or the insane. "

You need to bust out of the echo chamber from time to time. I associate with a true believer from the anti-gun left. There are some dangerously smart people in the anti-gun camp who realize that banning 'assault weapons' today won't mean much in the short term BUT they do recognize that it will restrict supply and interest in the long haul. These are intelligent people who see the long road.

Consider my own upbringing. I grew up and came into firearms during the first AWB. Modern sporting rifles were exotic, wrapped in mystery, and a bunch of arcane laws. An AWB to me then was like an SBR to most shooters today. Its effectively magic to own one and not have the door kickers come for you.

Do not get cocky. The true believers want to reinstate the AWB today knowing full well it will not change the world tomorrow, but that it will change the world my son grows up in. They know that if such a ban is in place it will be awkward for me to let him shoot my ARs because he won't be able to talk about it. They know that I won't be able to pass them on when my time comes without making my son a felon. They know this. That is their goal.

Jay G said...

Isn't this EXACTLY what I said?

Mopar said...

And this is why I'm leaving work at lunch time to drive 75 miles to the CT state capitol for gun owners lobby day. Then taking a precious vacation day on Thursday to go up there again and testify at a public hearing on gun control laws.

Freiheit said...

Sorry Jay, I fail at reading comprehension. Thats what I get for reading blogs while my code compiles.

You did say what I said. Sry for the mix up!

Jay G said...

Heh. No harm no foul.

I had a feeling we were singing from the same songbook... ;)

Cormac said...

If it's easy enough for a certain Redneck Engineer to walk a guy like me, with no experience, through building a lower...

Anybody can do it.

Wally said...

80% receiver is not bound by, nor codified in federal law. "80%" has never even been a written policy by ATF.

ATF has classified some "sorta complete" as either non firearm, or firearm (and at times, "firearm + machine gun")

The '80% receiver' exists as a blip on the radar until ATF decides they want to stop it, and there is nothing preventing them from adopting such a policy. Repeat- there is nothing preventing them from adopting such a policy.

Very little of ATF's actions are based in law, the vast majority are set by their own internal policies - which have changed, and do change, and never to the benefit of us citizens.

AK™ said...

You gotta wonder once they "take all the guns"..what will people do then?

I mean unless they replace the police with Predator drones,you still need "boots on the ground" and IEDs are tearing up our million dollar trucks over there..and if "ass backwards jihadis" can make a bomb that can take out a million dollar truck,what do you think a determined group of Americans would do? We don't need "high capacity assault clips" just like DHS doesn't need those "Police/Rescue" Armored trucks.

If a determined group of Americans is able to secure armored vehicles (whether or not they are factory uparmored or "bubba-d") what will the cops do then? I don't think it's possible for police captains to call in Apache gunships..but you never know..

Daniel in Brookline said...

Heh. You reminded me of homemade armored vehicles a la The A-Team.

People like this Outlaw Gunsmith give me hope. This is exactly the sort of cottage-industry Americans are known for.

Daniel in Brookline said...

As a famous Brit once said:

When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: "Stick to the Devil you know."

-- Rudyard Kipling, 1919

Mikael said...

Guns laws where I live are far more onerous than even MA, yet in my county 30% of the citizenry legally own firearms(and they own an average of about 3.5 firearms each), if we had to we could arm every citizen in the entire county with a firearm of some description. Most of it would be hunting rifles/shotguns, and quite a few would be .22 pistols, though larger calibres would be present as well(pistol licences are granted for competition shooting only, and your first one must be a .22).

That's not even counting all the standby militia AK4s(HK G3A variant).

TOTWTYTR said...

I read that article as well as another one where the author built his own charcoal heated forge out of common household items.

He's figuring out how to build molds to cast his own AR receivers.

At various times in various countries the people have built weapons by copying existing designs.

The Viet Cong did it. Before that, the Israelis made their own Sten guns and ammunition when the British banned them from having either.

I have no doubt that there are people right now figuring out how to make their own guns.