Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ban Assault Staplers!

They're only good for spray-stapling from the hip!

That's Matt from Down Range Firearms Training hamming it up about high capacity assault staplers during the Combat Focus Shooting class last Sunday. This was about the halfway point, when the class was really coming together and we were refreshing targets (and when I took a moment to take off my "shooter taking a class" hat and put on my "press" hat). Firearms politics are bound to come up in a class devoted to teaching shooters, and Matt and I share similar views on the idiocy of the current crop of proposed gun laws (as well as the general idiocy of MA gun laws overall).

The conversation quickly degenerated from there - the stapler was likened to a P90 for the manner in which the staples feed; whether a Calico style feeding system would be superior (no); and Matt's irrational hatred of the 1911 platform (I kid, I kid; he has legitimate reasons as someone who has seen a lot of guns malfunction under the stress of a high-round course. Still doesn't mean I don't want to prove him wrong...). Matt was probably the single biggest factor in getting me to actually take the course - I've known him for years; I know he likes to talk the talk - but I also know that he can certainly walk the walk.

Thanks again for the great day of training, Matt; just be careful of those assault staplers...

That is all.

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