Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Couple Swings At That Horse...

Yankeefried sent this one in. Yet more proof that those gun free zones work so well...

Teacher Robbed At Gunpoint Inside Boston School
BOSTON (CBS) – An armed robber held up a teacher at gunpoint inside a small arts school in a Jamaica Plain neighborhood Wednesday night. The incident, along with a second robbery in the area Thursday night has police stepping up patrols in the area near Eliot Street, an area considered a walking neighborhood near Monument Square.
On Wednesday night, a suspect described as a black man in his 20′s, about 5-feet-8 inches to 6-feet-1 inches tall, medium build and wearing a hoodie made his way to the second floor of the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts.
Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here. I'm going to guess that our budding young wealth redistribution artist didn't have an unrestricted MA License to Carry Firearms. I'll go even further our and guess that he probably didn't have a permit of any kind. I'd wager the gun was not purchased at a local gun shop - and probably not even at a gun show, loophole or not. Unrestricted permits are given to the very wealthy and well-connected, not the hoi polloi, in Boston, so he was almost certainly carrying without a permit and definitely breaking the prohibition against guns in schools.   Oh, and there's the armed robbery part, too, lest we lose sight of the crimes committed...  

What got me most, though, was the comment about the teacher knowing how to "give stuff away" after having lived in the city his whole life. The assumption there is that he's been robbed multiple times and is prepared for such an eventuality - perhaps a spare wallet with a handful of bills and an old cell phone? It makes a lot of sense if you're in a victim-rich environment like an inner city in a "may issue" state where the criminals have guns and knives and you're disarmed, I suppose.  

I'll add in this story from Scott in MI here:

Gun thief from Illinois sentenced after helping steal 455 firearms
EAST ST. LOUIS • Denis M. Joiner, 20, of Chicago, was sentenced in federal court here Friday to nine years in prison for a series of thefts from gun stores in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, prosecutors said.  
Joiner and three other Chicago men stole a total of 455 guns, prosecutors said, including 124 from a Salem, Ill., store known as “Hunting Stuff,” that they then sold in Chicago.
Nine years. If Federal is anything like state, he could be out in as little as 6 years if he keeps his nose clean. That's for being part of a multi-state crime syndicate that broke Federal gun laws HUNDREDS OF TIMES. Think about the sheer volume of FEDERAL charges that should have applied here: transporting stolen goods across state lines, stealing from FFLs, selling firearms without a license, selling to unlicensed individuals; I would imagine there should have been enough charges to put this guy away until the sun burned out and the earth became a lifeless ball of ice.  

Here's the kicker: He got the BIGGEST sentence out of the ring. Two other men were sentenced to six and six and a half years in prison. The fourth member of the firearm theft ring was killed, so we have no idea what kind of pitiful sentence he would have received. The three sentences COMBINED add up to 21.5 years, for crimes that carry a minimum sentence of 5 years - PER FIREARM.  


This is exactly what we're talking about. This is what makes those of us on the pro-rights side absolutely apoplectic with rage. Here we have a textbook example of people breaking the existing gun laws and incredibly light sentences handed out. If I were to cross the line into NH and buy a new P-Mag, I could go to jail for five years - more than half what the biggest sentence was for stealing literally hundreds of firearms. If Zercool loads 8 rounds into his 10 round 10/22 magazine, he's looking at a stiffer penalty over in New York.  

But you set up a crime spree across several midwestern states where you steal hundreds of guns from licensed FFLs and sell them on the street and you get sentenced to six years? This is supposed to stop criminals from being criminals? The laws aren't stopping them. The punishments are laughable. So what's the response to the growing criminal element? Let's ban the shoulder thing that goes up! Let's limit magazines to seven rounds! Let's make sure that good, honest, law-abiding people are so confused and scared about the byzantine gun laws that they just give up altogether. Couple this with a psychotic vice president exhorting people to break laws left and right - as well as the rules of gun safety - and it's hard not to see this as deliberate.  

We've got crooks robbing teachers in a gun-free zone in a city that doesn't give out gun permits. We have a crime wave spanning multiple states and hundreds - if not thousands - of felonies committed and a sentence that can't even be called a slap on the wrist. The honest-to-goodness criminals are being coddled with kid gloves, being sentenced to jail times more suitable for passing bad checks than arming half the criminals in the midwest, and the honest people of IL can't even get carry permits yet. Your average person working in Boston can't get a license to carry for any reason, but the crooks have nothing to fear when they get caught, because that's one of the first charges to get tossed in a plea deal.  

Unless and until the forces against freedom show us that they're willing to start enforcing the tens of thousands of gun laws already on the books, we shouldn't even be thinking about adding a single one.  

That is all.  


Borepatch said...

It's called anarcho-tyrrany. Refusal to control crime (anarchy) combined with draconian enforcement of petty laws against the law abiding.

Anonymous said...

Jay - you are absolutely correct regarding the absurdity. Those gun thieves should have gotten at least 150 years each (1 year per gun). That might have sent a bit of a message. But joejoe even figured that out - not enough resources to enforce laws already in existence so the solution is to create even more.
Borepatch hit it - it is all part of the left's initiation of even more control over we the people.

JD Rush said...

Has Obama pardoned them yet?

Anonymous said...

The 4th goblin was murdered AFTER the other three were sentanced so I'm guessing he was the snit..... I mean testified on behalf of the prosicution


Bubblehead Les. said...

But Jay! You don't understand! He was a CHILD! After all, he was only 20 when he got sentenced, and they were doing the so-called crimes when he was about 18-19! And we all KNOW that under the Anti-Gunners School of Liberal Mathematics, one is considered a Child until the Age of 26! Why, it's even in Obamacare! So don't be so hard on the poor Boy! It's not his Fault that the ChiTown Powers That Be won't let Citizens buy Firearms! Why, one could say he was doing a Public Service by removing those EVIL Guns out of the Hands of those Racist Right Wingers who go to Gun Stores!

So think of the Children, Jay. Think of the Children.

Daniel in Brookline said...

They sold those guns IN CHICAGO? Nonsense. Everybody knows guns are illegal in Chicago. Therefore this didn't happen. Your Dead Goblin stories probably didn't happen either, because they depict people using guns to save lives, which is just preposterous (and therefore impossible).

Yikes. This "thinking like a gun hater" business is giving me a headache.

Ed said...

Using the most severe sentence of 9 years X 365 days per year / 455 weapons stolen = 7 days per stolen weapon. Oooh! That is one tough judge.

BenC said...

Jay from what I understand the Fed takes no time off if you get sentenced to 9 yrs. you do 9 yrs.

Chris said...

The Ruling Class doesn't want to jail the criminals for long periods. The idea is, once the law-abiding folks are disarmed, not only will the apparatchiks be able to rule at their whims, but the disarmed populace will "depend" on the Ruling Class's police for protection from the criminals. They will then be our noble benefactors.