Friday, March 22, 2013

And Then, Beating The SAME Dead Horse...

Joseph in IL sends in another story that is, again, both hysterical and infuriating.

Teen Playing With Gun Shoots Himself In Groin On NW Side

(side note: Really? This is a headline? Where, praytell, *is* the NW side of one's body?)
CHICAGO (STMW) – A 17-year-old boy suffered a gunshot wound Friday night when the gun he was handling as he rode around the Northwest Side Dunning neighborhood with some female friends went off and struck him in the groin.
The boy had earlier told police that he was shot by two masked men in the 3300 block of North Harlem Avenue.
The "boy" - really, are they honestly referring to a 17 year old gang member as a "boy"??? - shot himself while fooling around with a loaded weapon. He's damn lucky it didn't hit his femoral artery and killed his stupid ass. I was going to say he's lucky he didn't kill someone else, but someone like this isn't going to give a hairy rat's ass about killing someone else - in fact, it'd more than likely up his street cred.

There is a part of me that would just LOVE to see video footage from this incident. I'll wager he went from stone cold killah to crying like a baby when that gun went off. One second, he's Ice-T, driving around the 'hood with his women; the next second he's bleeding and in pain and he's friggin' Bobby Brady falling out of the treehouse and breaking his arm. Bet that video would go a lot further towards taking the street fight out of him than any jail time.

Here's the infuriating part, though:
It was not yet known as of Saturday morning what charges, if any, the boy faces.
REALLY? What charges, if any? ARE YOU S**TING ME??? A) He's 17 years old - too young to own a handgun in the state of IL; B) He's carrying a concealed weapon in a state that still does not permit carry of any kind; C) Illegal discharge of a firearm; D) Theft charges on the handgun - even if he got it out of his mama's sock drawer, he still stole the firearm; and E) Making a false report to the police. Just because he finally 'fessed up after telling conflicting stories doesn't make him any less culpable. That's the laws we KNOW he broke. If the gun was stolen from elsewhere - like, say, an FFL - there are plenty of other FEDERAL charges that could be tacked on.

But no, they're not sure if he'll be charged. I mean, he only broke a bunch of laws that should put him away for ten or more years; why on earth would they want to punish him? I mean, it's not like he committed the unpardonable sin of putting his son's picture on Facebook holding a 22 rifle, right? Why on earth would you want to punish a gang member for illegally carrying a stolen gun and discharging it within city limits? I mean, then you might have to go to court and prosecute him, in which case he might have to go to jail. Imagine what that would do to his self esteem.

If there's any justice, he shot his nuts off so he can't reproduce...

That is all.


Soap Box One said...


(man, I miss Kim's blog)

Angus McThag said...

Isn't calling a Chicago gang banger "boy" racist?

Bubblehead Les. said...

But try to buy a Handgun inside Chicago to DEFEND yourself against "Youths" like that....

Andie said...

Damned ninjas (this is a spin off from a story I saw the other day):

DocRambo said...

And the CDC will record this as another pediatric gun shot wound. You don't think a one eyed trouser snake pulled the trigger, do you?

billf said...

I applaud ,and agree with your disbelief,but this is what we're up against.Where is Joe Biden's(asshat Bloomberg's,Rahm Emmanuel's,et al) outrage at this juvenile delinquent's illegal possesion of a firearm?
I don't care if he shot himself(actually I think it's kind of funny)but here you have hard evidence that this kid illegally possessed and fired a weapon inside city limits,and they aren't going to prosecute?That right there ,is the problem with gun control-not that we need more laws,we need to enforce the ones we've got.If this makes sense to a majority of voters,we are so screwed.Billf

Roy said...

"If this makes sense to a majority of voters..."

The majority of voters don't care about this sort of thing. What the majority of voters care about is that the government checks keep coming in.

TOTWTYTR said...

I've seen this before. He was farting around with the gun in his waistband when he pulled the trigger negligently. The gun fired and the bullet went into his groin.

Same thing that Plaxico Burris and many others have done.

You're right, he probably went from incredible tough guy to crying bitch in an instant. I've seen that before too.

He may have been lucky he didn't kill himself, but society would have been much better off if he had.

Can I at least hope that he gave himself a lead vasectomy and won't be able to father any more criminals? Or is that too much to hope for.