Monday, February 25, 2013

You Can't Professionalize Until You Federalize...

Remember that bit of claptrap from Tom Daschle? I'll be he wishes he'd never said that after reading this story:

FBI staff disciplined for sex texts and nude pictures
The misconduct cases were among those detailed in a leaked internal email, sent to all FBI staff and published online by CNN.

They ranged from the "unprofessional conduct" of texting nude images, to more serious theft and gun offences.
FBI agents. Sending nude pictures of themselves ON FBI PHONES. This is the kind of professionalism and maturity I would expect from the average summer ice cream stand, not the people responsible for pursuing criminals across the country. It's mind-boggling that alleged professional law enforcement agents would act like hormone-fueled teenagers and not think that they would get caught - when they work for the Federal agency tasked with chasing down pedophiles and computer hackers and scammers.

It's one thing for a small company to follow up on employees who might act in such a manner. IT resources might be limited; they might be using personal communication devices; etc. But these were Federal agents using Agency phones - that they thought they would evade notice is just stunning. Either there's a frightening lack of oversight or - as it appears the case may be - punishment is so light and infrequently applied that it is not an effective deterrent.

Then again, it's not like the rules apply to the Feds anyways, right?

That is all.

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Dave H said...

I thought FBI phones were supposed to be secure. I guess they thought so too.

B said...

IIRC the backups for the Miami shootout agents were double teaming a barmaid when it all went down.

Why should you think that they would be any different today?

Ted N said...

"We're the ONLY ONES Professional Enough to send junk pics to each other."