Friday, February 22, 2013

Yeah, This...

This. Just got this in e-mail yesterday. Smith & Wesson has sponsored a video in the NRA's Life of Duty series; this one is on the ridiculously light sentences that dangerous criminals often get.
Catch & Release Full Feature
On June 19, 2012 Deputy Matt Spink and Deputy Michael Northway pulled a vehicle over in an investigative traffic stop, to question known associates of a dangerous felon regarding his whereabouts. Unbeknown to them, Charles Wallace, the man they were looking for sat in the front passenger seat in a disguise. The driver, a woman, and a small child were also in the car. As deputies approached the car, Wallace rolled out of the vehicle and shot them with their weapons holstered. He fled on foot and the occupants in the vehicle fled as well.

Just watch.

All the laws in the world, all the gun control, it's all meaningless without a strong legal system that will punish criminals and keep them in prison. The criminal in this story was a violent felon, in jail for a lengthy term for drugs and firearms violations - and he was transferred to a drug treatment facility with not guards. Naturally, he walked away, free to resume his life of crime - but knowing that if he was caught, he was going back to jail for good.

So when the police found him, he just started shooting.

Listen to the early part of the video. Listen to what this criminal was originally arrested for. He wasn't arrested for an ounce of pot - he was a dealer of meth and heroin who kept and carried firearms despite being a prohibited person. When he was caught, he was sentenced to 15 years in jail - and then almost immediately sent to an unsecured drug treatment facility on a furlough. The legal system completely and utterly failed everyone in this case. The officers shot by this scumbag, the woman who was assaulted and had her car stolen; the countless people whose lives were in danger in the high speed chase...

All because some judge thought that a violent criminal would be better served in an unsecured treatment facility rather than jail. And this is hardly the only case - we routinely hear stories about violent killers released too soon. Heck, the guy in New York who was shooting firefighters was just released from prison for murder - after only 17 years. When our justice system is no longer a deterrent, when criminals rightfully look at it as a laughingstock, when they no longer fear going to jail whatsoever because they know some bleeding heart will let them out shortly; it's hard to imagine what adding another law, another 10 laws, another 100 laws is going to do.

Except make it harder for the good people to protect themselves from the bad people the courts keep releasing...

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Heck Jay, you're talking about them getting out of Jail early? How about the fact that some of them barely spend a weekend in Jail, then some Judge posts Bail at $5,000 for a Major Felony. Then they only have to pony up 10%, then they get sent back out on the Street, and NEVER show up for their Court dates.

Good Lord, they have a "Fugitive Task Force" set up here in Cleveland to go after these guys, but there's so many of them on the 'Wanted Posters," that they'd have to open up 5 Empty Schools just to have a place to stash if they ever caught them all at once.

But since the Judges up here are more concerned about their Fancy New Court Rooms and their Salaries and other Perks that the Tax Payers MUST pay for, and they are Elected, why it's no wonder that the Judges keep sending them back into the 'Hood. Can't take the chance that they'd be Voted out because they might have to Incarcerate 30% of the Electorate!

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Jay: Here's an insult to add to the injury. I know a cop in Illinois who is often in East St. Louis assisting in drug raids. It is very common for the perps to have the cops stop by an ATM on the way to jail so they can get bail money with their Illinois Link card, which is part of their welfare package. So...the welfare system is part of their Get Out Of Jail Free card.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

You understate the problem, Jay. Not only do they not fear prison, to many of them going to jail is a rite of passage.

Making more things illegal (or making existing crimes even more illegaler) isn't going to fix anything until going to jail is once again something to be feared and a source of shame.

Weer'd Beard said...

We don't have a gun problem in America, we have a criminal problem.