Monday, February 11, 2013

Well, Now, Isn't This Interesting...

Skidmark sends in a very interesting story for consideration...

Gun accidents down, but other home accidents on the rise
Contrary to what you might expect from all the news about gun violence, accidental deaths from guns in the home are relatively uncommon, and have actually gone down slightly in recent years, according to a new study. But other deadly accidents at home, including poisonings, falls, and burns, are far more common, and on the rise. The good news: some simple measures can help prevent most of them.

The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, looked at data from 2000 to 2008. More than 30,000 people die from accidents in the home each year, the study found. The three leading causes of accidental deaths were poisonings (43 percent), falls (34 percent), and fire or burn injuries (9 percent). Firearm mishaps accounted for just 1 percent of all accidental deaths in the home.
The number of actual accidents involving firearms is surprisingly low; only a few hundred a year. Considering the sheer number of firearms out there, and the large number of gun owners in America, it's actually rather surprising the number is as low as it is (IIRC, it's a couple hundred incidents a year). Now, I'd sure like to see that number even lower, but considering that people manage to injure and kill themselves through accidental falls, poisonings, and fire at a rate more than an order of magnitude mode than firearms, there are many other things around the house that pose greater dangers.

This is unsurprising to those of us in the gunnie community. Safety - both in the handling of firearms as well as the storage thereof - tends to be up front and center in any discussion amongst gunnies. The Four Rules are hashed, re-hashed, and visited repeatedly; the virtues of keeping one's firearms secured, while mandatory in some areas, is just a plain good idea in general - heck, guns are 'spensive, and keeping them from getting stolen is a good thing, right?

The nightmare scenario where a child happens upon an unsecured firearm is prominent, yet exceedingly rare - and this is an area where education really is a lifesaver. Programs like the NRA's much maligned "Eddie Eagle" teach kids the proper way to handle finding a firearm - Stop, don't touch, leave the room, find an adult - and can help keep an already low number of accidents even lower.

Of course, that's assuming you believe such an obviously right-wing site like Consumer Reports...

That is all.

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Mikael said...

Save the children: ban private swimming pools today!

Seriously, private swimming pools kill much more children every year than guns do, both accidental and premeditated.