Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WallyWear™: The "Come To Browning" Moment

Okay. We are ready to do this thing:
York Arms T-shirt

SCI-FI has done yeoman's work collecting bids on the York Arms T-shirt. We are going to be able to offer these shirts for $20 each (shipping included), with sizes 2XL or greater an additional $2 (sorry guys, they're hitting us, too). We will place the order on Friday, March 1st, and delivery should be 2 - 3 weeks from that time. You can see what the shirt will look like in the original post.

What we will need: Send me an e-mail with your name, mailing address, and the size(s) of T-shirt(s) you want. This will be considered an order. I'll send out an e-mail with payment info (we're gonna skip those bastards at PayPal and go old school -checks and money orders, baby!), and payment will be due by Friday, March 8th.

Folks have expressed interest in supporting York Arms directly; this is one way in which this can be accomplished. We will be ordering a number of shirts in excess of the total orders received, which will be given to Wally for distribution as he sees fit (sell through York Arms, give to good customers, pile them on his floor and sleep on them...). We'll also be giving York Arms a great deal of free publicity, every time we wear the York Arms T-shirt - and you'll get to have a limited-edition shirt unlike anyone else's.

York took a hit with their principled stand against the state of New York. They're part of a growing movement in the firearms community to hold states accountable for the laws they pass. It is absolutely imperative to foster and nurture this type of grassroots effort, to help states realize that the laws they pass will no longer affect only the civilian population. Agents of the state have, for far too long, been exempted from the rules they foist upon us, and York Arms is part of a crusade that says "enough".

Buy a shirt, be part of the movement.

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

eMail on the way.

Scotty said...

Can you do tall sizes? As in 2XL Tall? If so, I'm in.

Alan said...

What does it look like?

Bogie said...

Do we know what will be on the shirts ?

SCI-FI said...

I will ask about XXL-T size, should know by end of the day tomorrow.

Alan and Bogie-

The shirts will be as shown in the first post:

Chest is the York Arms logo.

Rear is the text:

"For LE/Govt customers in New York:
Your orders have been cancelled."

AuricTech said...

Estimated shipping costs (I live in Arizona)?

Jay G said...

Shipping is included. Guess I should have mentioned that part.

Jeff B said...

Email sent.

Kevin said...

Email sent.

lelnet said...

Email en route. Since we'll have to depend on the blue snails to get payment to you, and it's due in only a couple of weeks, I hope to receive your snail address ASAP. :)

Anonymous said...

Email sent Jay.

SCI-FI said...


My error - should know by end of day FRIDAY, not today.

SCI-FI said...

Scotty (and all) -

We can do XLT, 2XT, 3XT.

Please specify if you order is for a "Tall" version when placing your order. Price for all "Tall" versions is $22.

Scotty said...

Sweet. Thank you!