Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two, Two, Two Additions in One!

Sent in by several folks:

Two suspects dead, one at large following home invasion
Prince Edward sheriff's deputies are investigating a deadly home invasion that happened early Sunday morning in Prospect. Two of the three suspects are dead, shot by the homeowner in self defense, according to investigators on scene. Meanwhile, the search continues for the third suspect.

This situation began unfolding at about 4:30 a.m. in the 5000 block of Prince Edward Highway, or Route 460. Investigators told NBC12's Kelly Avellino three unknown men forced their way in the front door of the home, where a man was alone with a 2-year-old child.

Home with a two year old and three armed goblins break in. What are this man's options? Run? With a toddler? Hide? With a toddler? Wait for the police? Fortunately he had thought to take measures to secure his own safety and was ready and willing to act. It's unfortunate that, had he been in New York, he'd have been limited to 2.3 rounds per bad guy - better not miss. Multiple attackers, police minutes away, and you've got a young child to defend. Good thing the Constitution means you can have a musket!

With Slate trying to crowdsource to track gun deaths, keeping the DGC up to date and growing is as imperative as ever. Showing that there are plenty of cases where law-abiding citizens use firearms to defend themselves is one way to offset the claim that there's no good use for firearms. As long as feral packs of goblins attack good people in the middle of the night, we'll keep adding to the count.

And two-for-one this time!

Dead Goblin Count: 370

That is all.

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Did you get the one at The Gateway Pundit?

A couple of days old...

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