Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Truth About Clips...

Man, my fellow MAhole Matt DeVito from Down Range Firearms Training is at it again. This time he's put out a helpful Public Service Announcement that our "friends" in the media would do well to heed. He - and I - just wants to help... Without any further delay, here's Matt and the Truth About High Capacity Assault Clips:

Heh. Evil, "super killie" clips. Matt hammers home the point that what goes into a semi-automatic firearm is very rarely a "clip" but a magazine, using many different types of clips to that effect. Words mean things, and when those things are up for consideration for a permanent ban, it is absolutely critical that they are applied correctly.

We saw during the ban how the anti-freedom folks twisted things. They banned rifles by name; manufacturers responded by changing the name and selling legal rifles, and this was called "exploiting a loophole." The ban covered cosmetic features that didn't change the function of the rifle any, just the aesthetics and the ergonomics. So those items were removed or made less useful, and the left called it "exploiting a loophole." Only in the land of those that truly hate freedom would be complying with an unjust law be called "exploiting a loophole."

This time, we're looking at an even more draconian ban. Most semi-automatic rifles are affected, even relics like the WWII-issue M1 carbine. The collector's item Browning Hi-Power that I spent years chasing? Well, I would have to surrender the original magazine, made in 1935 along with the Hi-Power, simply because it has a 13 round capacity. Think about that for a second. That magazine is nearly 80 years old, but because it holds some arbitrary number, I would be forced to get rid of it - a collector's item - with no remuneration.

And the people foisting this ban on us can't tell us a barrette from jumper cables - think about that.

That is all.


B said...

If you need to stash the magazines because of capacity, remember that I still live in a free state. Oil 'em up, put 'em in a bag, and I'll set 'em in the bottom of my safe until you can legally possess 'em.

I'll make that offer to any gunnie who has a magazine which is banned in your AO.

email me for contact information.

Bill said...

When will we accept the idea that anti's don't care about terminology. They want them ALL. They're nonsense about features is just incrementalism, it's divide and concur. Today we'll ban those scary a salt rifles, tomorrow the evil high power sniper rifles. Sorry " hunting guns". Then those awful shotguns, " did you know they were banned in warfare as too cruel?". They want them all. We need to be on the offense. Advertise. How about billboards in chi town asking residents how safe they feel or pictures of stone cold thugs saying " Your Next". Make em in Spanish and ask the Latino community who cares more about there safety, dems or the NRA. We've played defense for so long that they will beat us.