Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Problem, In A Nutshell...

We don't have a gun problem. We have a criminal problem. I know I've made this statement before, and I will continue to make it unless and until people start paying attention. Last week there was a high-profile shooting in Las Vegas, right on the strip, where a man in one vehicle opened fire on a man in another vehicle, killing that man and causing a crash that claimed the life of two other people - as well as shutting down the Las Vegas strip for an entire day.

Here's some more information about the shooter:

Vegas murder suspect brags online about fast life
LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas triple murder suspect Ammar Harris has a smirk on his face in a 90-second YouTube video that shows him flashing a thick stack of $100 bills.
The video is just one of many online displays of bravado being examined by police in which Harris boasts of a high-rolling lifestyle of luxury cars, prostitutes and boat trips with scantily clad women. The 26-year-old is the subject of a multi-state manhunt after a Maserati driver was shot dead on the Las Vegas Strip last Thursday and a taxi driver and passenger died in the fiery chain reaction crash that followed.
There's speculation that Harris is a drug dealer and a pimp, and has openly bragged about his illegal escapades. He's obviously doing well, living in a gated community and driving a six-figure SUV; as well as posting videos of himself counting out stacks of money. Obviously, the thug life pays well.

But here's the issue:
Harris was arrested last year in Las Vegas in a 2010 prostitution case using the name Ammar Asim Faruq Harris. He was charged with robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping and coercion with a weapon, and police sought charges of pandering by force and felon in possession of concealed weapon. Court records show that case was dismissed last June.

Now, I will readily admit to not knowing the specifics of the case. Perhaps this was a trumped-up framejob that no prosecutor wanted to touch, there is always that possibility. But the "felon in possession of a [concealed] weapon" charge should have been a slam-dunk. He had been convicted of trying to sell a stolen handgun some six years prior. He's a prohibited person. That's a federal offense right there, a prohibited person being in possession of a firearm.

Yet the case was dismissed.

We are not serious about crimes committed with firearms, plain and simple. Politicians - either because they are evil or stupid - propose laws that will not do a damned thing to keep guns out of the hands of people like Mr. Harris here. He's a prohibited person. He has - at least twice - demonstrably gotten his hands on a firearm since becoming a prohibited person. What's another law or 50? Does anyone honestly think that:

a) Mr. Harris is going to limit himself to 7 rounds?
b) Mr. Harris is going to pin the stock on his AK-47?
c) Mr. Harris gives a flying rat's ass about a carry permit?
d) Mr. Harris worries about "gun-free" zones?

Why should he? He's been shown, time and time again, that the court system is a broken joke, a travesty where he commits all kinds of crimes and then is shown the door, free to commit more. He has repeatedly broken the laws of the state without any apparent effect on his persona or his personal life - living a lifestyle that many aspire to, all because the judicial system refuses to punish him for the crimes he commits.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Obviously, he's gone too far this time and will certainly face jail time over these killings, especially where a tourist was killed. It's pretty even odds that some politician somewhere will try to use this case as an example of why we need more gun control; I mean, as my good friend Weerdbeard is fond of saying, if we make guns as illegal as murder, then no one will be murdered with guns, right? They'll ignore - with the help of the compliant media - the fact that this felon has broken countless gun laws and not been punished.

Unless and until we get serious about our criminal control, anything and everything we attempt over gun control will fail. Miserably. Look, here's the thing. You pass UK-style gun laws. Second Amendment is repealed, all we have left are our double barreled shotguns (since Joe Biden says they're okay). Does anyone honestly think that Mr. Harris is not going to have a modern semi-automatic firearm? If there's money to be made, does anyone think that Mr. Harris would pause - even for a second - to sell a modern semi-automatic firearm to another felon or a crazy person?

Punish criminals, not inanimate objects.

That is all.


Exurbankevin said...

What semi-freaks me out about this is that it started just south of Caesar's.

We coulda easily been the ones ducking for cover.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if you will, the sentence he would have gotten had he been involved with Aaron Schwartz.

Eric Holder cannot do his job. Neither can his cronies. They would rather prosecute someone for a technology related crime due to embarrassment rather than a drug dealer/pimp who kills people.

Politicians - either because they are evil or stupid - not to mention impotent, morally reprehensible and believe the voters are stupid (In fact they shouldn't even be allowed to vote.) and their pet projects are too complicated for the voters to understand and therefore must bypass the voters.

Every year a politician while taking the easy way out and avoids the "can't talk about it issues" (mental health) visits more horrific pain and suffering on innocent citizens (ongoing war, betrayal of public trust, high taxes, false arrests and imprisonment, etc.) that only the most overly ambitious psychopath could only dream of.

To honestly keep voting the same idiots back into office again and again is obscene and perhaps the new definition of insanity. Most of all for people to keep believing their politician is not the problem is a failure to reason honestly, or to care sufficiently about your fellow countryman. No wonder our education system is a farce, so the phoney baloney idiots can keep their jobs.