Friday, February 1, 2013

Sweet Suffering Baby Chthulu...

These are the people that deem us unworthy of carrying firearms, folks. Fresh off the BLNN comes this story of striking stupidity from Chi-town:

Indiana murder convict mistakenly released in Chicago
CHICAGO – Police were hunting for a convicted murderer on Thursday after he was mistakenly released from custody in Chicago, where he was sent to face a drug charge while serving a 60-year prison sentence in Indiana. 
Indiana Department of Corrections officials said Steven L. Robbins, 44, was sent to Cook County Circuit Court on Tuesday to face a drug charge. The charge was dropped, "but for reasons yet unknown, the offender was released by Illinois authorities without being held for return," the department said in a news release.
Got that? He was serving a prison term for murder - a 60 year sentence - and was sent to IL to face drug charges. When they decided to drop the charges, they let him go. Just let a murderer who was supposed to be serving time walk out the door a free man. I wonder if they can even charge him for walking? He has a pretty good argument that the court let him go - so he might not even see extra time for his bit of freedom.

Here's something that really bothers me, though. He's serving a 60 year sentence - 60 years! - and yet he's eligible for parole in 2029. He started serving his sentence in 2004, so that means he has to serve 25 years - less than half - before he's eligible for parole. 25 years != a life sentence, folks. 60 years indicates first degree murder to me - you don't normally see that kind of sentence for car-jacking. And anyone want to bet whether or not in 2021 or so that they'd move his release date up on good behavior if applicable?

Here's the real kicker, though:
Both Illinois and Indiana have issued arrest warrants for Robbins. Officials in both states are asking for the public's help to apprehend him.
Got that? Hey, people of Illinois - who are not allowed to carry firearms for protection - help us catch this released murderer that we let go by mistake. Oopsie!

That is all.


chiefjaybob said...

This is really just part of Gov. Pat Quinn's early release program. This man just got a 55 year commutation.

Dave H said...

Tell me you're surprised this would happen in a city run by Rahm Capone.

Erin Palette said...

It's spelled Cthulhu.

*sigh* Kids these days. I bet you think an Elder Sign is a star with an eye in it, too.

Ed said...

I predict a rapid increase in the sales of rat tail combs and hairbrushes in Chicago:

Crotalus said...

Shiva facepalm. Because this one requires that many hands.

Stretch said...

I'm sure the escapee will make the short list on Obama's nomination list.

Bubblehead Les. said...

He was caught this morning. Sent you the Follow-Up story. But what's in the details is the fact that he was gone for 24 HOURS BEFORE the Public was notified!

Wat to Go Rahmbo!