Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Speaking of Disassembling A Ruger Rimfire...

I remembered shooting this video at SHOT Show last month:

That's Dino with Majestic Arms out of New York demonstrating just how easy it is to take down a Ruger semi-automatic pistol with their patented Speed Strip kit. It turns a lengthy take down procedure that many say needs to be followed precisely as written by Ruger into a ten second turn of an allen wrench. I'm tempted to pick up a kit for my 22/45 - particularly since they also have a bypass for the magazine disconnect as well.

Pretty neat set-up there, Dino, and thanks for the video!

That is all.


Dave H said...

Boy that's tempting. I learned how to disassemble & reassemble Ruger Marks years ago but it still takes some fiddling for me to get them back together.

Do you know if you can remove the recever from the frame if you use the kit, or do you still have to use the lever in the backstrap?

daniel said...

I have the speed strip and mag disconnect piece. I have never properly disassembled that pistol. I got to the part with the hammer and drove it right to my gunsmiths to have him put the speed strip in. I do not believe it makes it any easier to take the frame off the barrel but I have never done it either way so I can not really answer that. I have used the speed strip to clean the gun and it makes it laughably easy.
I have noticed one issue after installing the kit. I had only one light strike in the first 300-500 rounds before installing the kit. After installing the kit I have put another 150-300 rounds downrange and had a half dozen light strikes. This is with a otherwise unmodified mkIII hunter. I believe the gun was dry fired while testing the kit so the firing pin may be the issue. I will investigate more when weather permits shooting and possibly replace the pin if necessary. Even with the light strikes I am happy with the upgrade. My mkIii is not a defensive gun so ease of cleaning is far more important to me than reliability.

Skip said...

Looked good, ordered the kit.
Thanks Jay.