Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something to Think About...

Yesterday, when I picked up my lower, I met up with SCI-FI at the fun store. He arrived shortly before I did, and called me to let me know that there was a deli-counter style number outside the door and that he'd grabbed two tickets for us. We both knew that the shop would be busy on a Saturday; we hadn't countered on just how busy it would be.

His number was 64. When he walked into the store, they were on number 40.

We got to the store at ~ 3:10. At 4:00, when they closed, they were just getting to our numbers. The store was wall-to-wall people. We saw several women buying what appeared to be their first firearms; one who was getting a CCW piece; numerous EBRs being sold; the one thing we didn't see much of was ammunition being sold - because there plain wasn't any. They had no 9mm nor .22LR in the store whatsoever; .45 ACP there were a few boxes left - because they'd gotten a shipment that day; I did see some .38 Special available, which I was almost tempted to grab but at $25/box of 50 rounds, I can wait to see what happens...

This is in Massachusetts, folks. Not Texas or Florida. Massachusetts. Standing room only and an hour plus long wait to buy whatever it was they had on the shelves. A S&W ORC M&P15 was on the shelf for $1,500. WASR-10s were selling for $1,000. Glocks - which already command a premium in MA and sell used for more than new in Free America - were selling for $700. For a used G22.

I forget who made the comment - Tam, perhaps? - that people aren't buying these guns to turn them in. At the prices being asked - and I can only assume that these prices are being met, as inventory seems to be moving pretty briskly - folks aren't looking at this as an investment. Here in MA, even, we're facing a ban very similar to that in place in NY - where those $50 "pre-ban" magazines will instantly because forbidden - and yet weapons with capacities in excess of 10 rounds (7 rounds) are still flying off the shelves.

Either there's misplaced confidence that our representatives will grow some semblance of sanity, or there's massive civil disobedience on the horizon.

That is all.


Soap Box One said...

Was up at Shooter's Outpost in Hooksett NH a while back. Scored 250-rd packs of .380 and .38 Special. Also 200 rounds of 7.62x39. Not Walmart prices, but not bad.

.22LR can only be had by getting to Walmart at 7:00 on the day they happen to be stocking the previous night's delivery.

Soap Box One said...

And they had DOZENS of SigM400 AR's on the floor at $1,249.

Glenn B said...

"...people aren't buying these guns to turn them in."

I am pretty sure I heard it first spoken by Rush at least two months ago, maybe longer.

Glenn B said...
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Anonymous said...

I was in Sportsman's Warehouse in Nampa, Idaho (second largest city in Idaho) and the only ammo available was some shotgun ammo, .22-short, 45 colt and IIRC 38-special. No 45, no 40 S&W. Their gun wall of pistols was just about bare. There were no AR's just Shotguns and Bolt Action rifles.

There were very few customers on a late Friday afternoon.

Places like Chicago School districts are heavily invested in companies like Remington Arms for their retirement portfolios. Is it any wonder the politicos are raising the "ban" mantra when some beneficiaries are beginning to retire. So much for divesting themselves from this part of the portfolio.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Welcome to 2013.

Old NFO said...

Yep, turn in... sure... If you believe that, I've got this bridge...

Veeshir said...

My favorite gun store in Apache Junction, AZ has $800 WASR-10s.
Other AKs are over $1,000. Not sure how much ARs are, they don't have any.

That's in a free state.

That store used to be full of Garands and '03s.

Now there are no Garands or '03s, just a few Mosins and some other European bolt actions (Swiss, swedish, French, etc.).

They had a bunch of Saiga 12s for $800 6 months ago.

Now they have none and when they get them in they go for $1600.

This is in a state where they're only worried about the feds taking our guns.

As you say, they're not buying them to turn them in.

Anonymous said...

Stopped into (rather, I tried to stop in, they were closed) a gun store in a small city about 100 miles from home a few Saturdays ago.

The business next door was open so I asked the owner what time the gun store opened.

He said, "they don't, its Saturday."

He saw my raised eyebrows, and said, "they are open 8-5, Monday-Friday. Obama's been very good to his business. He doesn't need to be open any longer, he sells everything he has in those hours."

I said, "Really?"

He replied, "No joke, he turns over more stuff than anywhere but Cabelas, and does it on bankers hours!"

Craziness, we live in a crazy world right now!