Monday, February 4, 2013

So Close, But...

Several folks have sent in this story as a potential DGC:

Detroit high school coach shoots suspected attackers outside school
DETROIT – A young man is dead and another is seriously injured after a shooting during an attempted robbery of a basketball coach near a Detroit high school. reports that a 70-year-old coach for the girl's basketball team at Martin Luther King Junior High School was walking two students to their cars at the school when the shooting occurred.
Now, that's a pretty rough area if the coaches have to carry while on school grounds... I had to disallow this as an addition:
The coach is reportedly a police reserve officer and has a permit to carry a gun.
Carrying a firearm on school grounds is verboten in MI. Had the coach not been a reserve officer, he'd be facing the loss of his carry permit and misdemeanor charges even though it was a good shoot. That's not the point of this post, though. The point  was the statement from the mother of the goblin who was shot:
Priscilla Scott, Michael's mother, told that her son didn't own a gun.
Gee, at 16 years old he is legally forbidden from owning a handgun (legal age in MI is 18, thanks Rick!). I'll bet he doesn't own any beer, either. Or heroin, for that matter. Whether it's a sincere declaration from a mother beside herself with grief or an attempt to place doubt on the shooting will never be known; it's possible that this was a "my baby could never do something like that" moment. My heart goes out to the mother - I know that I would never want to hear that kind of news about my child - but there's also the two girls that were walked to their car by the coach.

What might have happened to those girls had that coach not been there?

That is all.
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Old NFO said...

Of course he was a 'choirboy', just turning his life around... yada, yada...

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad that coach was there to walk the girls to their cars.

Nathan said...

Just a quick correction. The violation of a gun free zone in Michigan is only a civil infraction for the first offense. It is a misdemeanor on the second and a felony on the third.

Anonymous said...

Additional info, not necessarily directly applicable: it is legal for a Concealed Pistol License holders to carry UNCONCEALED on school grounds. Not terribly sensible, but it is what it is. Our Fearless Leader vetoed a law that would have allowed concealed, with additional training and qualifications