Monday, February 11, 2013

SHOT Show Spotlight: Leupold

One of the "must see" exhibitors at SHOT Show last month was Leupold. I wanted to meet with Pat, who had arranged for the Mark AR scope that wound up on my custom Conspirator from York Arms. They've also got some really cool new stuff out there, as well as some pretty slick torture testing:

Yes, they actually strapped one of their VX-3 riflescopes to an honest-to-goodness jackhammer and went about their business. A funny story was relayed to me about this photo-op: While they were getting the jackhammer into position, it fell over - and landed square on the VX-3 scope. Certain that the scope was demolished, they picked the jackhammer off the ground and turned it over fearing the worst - and were greeted with a completely intact and fully functional scope.

No word if it maintained zero on the 'hammer or not...

They had a lovely conversation piece here:

That's a Mark 8 CQBSS scope mounted on a Ma Deuce blue gun. It was hard to tell which was cooler: That Leupold developed a mount for the Ma Deuce, or that they were able to find a Blue Gun for an M2 Browning machine gun.

They also have a new addition to the Mark AR line, the Mod 1:

New for 2013 is the sighting green dot in the center. I will admit to a certain degree of pride in being able to get the shot while holding the rifle (although IIRC I did have some help). This is a slick addition to the MOD 1 line that is available in the 1.5 - 4X and 3 - 9X scopes and obviously is meant to aid in rapid acquisition of target.

Lots of neat stuff at the Leupold booth, and lots of great new items for 2013!

That is all.

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