Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Tax Dollars At Work

You have GOT to be sh**ting me.

State investigating use of DOJ helicopter at high school homecoming football game in Calif
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – State officials are investigating the use of a Department of Justice helicopter at a high school homecoming football game in Northern California.

KCRA-TV reported ( Thursday that top officials at the DOJ did not know the helicopter — usually flown for drug busts — was being used to hover over the game in El Dorado Hills.

They estimate the cost of operating the helicopter at around $1000. There's no breakdown on whether that's for the entire time it hovered over the game, or just for the few minutes during which the stunt was set up and performed. They also don't factor in the pilot and co-pilot costs. And, of course, there's the little matter of a federal vehicle being used for someone's private event - in this case, a stunt at a high school football game.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I sure feel better about the war on drugs being such a rousing success that agents feel justified in spending thousands of dollars and using federal equipment for their personal amusement. If things are going so well that we can take a surveillance helicopter out of service for several hours so an agent can show off for his kid, maybe it's time to just pack it in for the war on drugs. Notice one thing, too, in that story - there's no mention of restitution nor punishment for the agent.

Some animals really are more equal than others.

That is all.

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notDilbert said...

I thought the "War on Drugs" was over.............

..... and we lost.

Old NFO said...

Now Jay, you 'know' teh wons can do anything they want...

Eck! said...

If civilian had done that it would be a federal bust for overflying a crowded venue at low altitude.

It's something you do not do as if the engine breaks gravity wins, people below may also loose.


wizardpc said...

It was probably the California DOJ, not the US DOJ. Hence the state investigation.

But the overall point still holds.

Dave H said...

Eck!: The engine doesn't even need to quit to cause a crash. A helicopter that hovers in place near the ground for too long can cause a vortex ring, which causes the rotor to lose lift and the pilot to lose bowel control.

AuricTech said...

Our Tax Dollars at Play

FTFY. ;-)