Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One Lucky Pervert...

Jacqueline in Texas sends in a story about a pedophile who is lucky to be alive.

Houston dad blows whistle on sex offender photographing cheerleaders
HOUSTON - A registered sex offender has been accused of taking inappropriate photographs of cheerleaders at a competition in San Antonio, including some girls from the Houston area.
"We had 300 athletes at this meet," said Edgar Ruiz, a coach for Houston's All Star Revolution.
The cheerleaders were at the Cheer Power Southern Championship at the Alamodome over the weekend. The father of one of the Houston cheerleaders spotted someone suspicious in the crowd.
Considering that the cheerleaders that the guy was taking pictures of were 9 years old, it's pretty amazing that the pervert in question wasn't beaten to death on the spot. I think they'd have a pretty clear-cut defense of "he needed killin'" right there.

It's interesting, though, how the comments shake out. There's a fair number in support of the father's actions, and then there are some who question whether the pedophile should have been questioned/arrested. Now, I would imagine (and when I say imagine I mean hope) that a pedophile convicted in 2008 who was out on the street in 2013 should have restrictions on places with children. So he should be going to jail based on that alone.

He's just damn lucky he was caught by a dad far more tolerant than I would have been...

That is all.


Stephen D said...

I read in the linked article that the man is being charged with "improper photography"? What kind of law is "improper photography"?!?!?! Really?

I agree that this guy is a pervert, but this perp also has 4th amendment rights against illegal searches. While it's definitely creepy, how would you first prove in a court of law that you had suspicion of him taking crotch photos in order to warrant searching his camera?

Stephen D said...

Let me reply to my own comment.

As a father of a daughter, if I was sure he was doing this, I probably would have punched him out, and then later faced the consequences of my own actions. What he was doing is unacceptable.

However, just don't know how we go around reviewing everyone's camera for an "improper" picture. I don't want to live in a world where every photo, document, email, thought, etc is open and subject to government review without giving up my 4th amendment rights.

Yes, this gives perverts a bit of leeway, but giving up my own liberty for some security would give me neither liberty nor security.

That's what I'm sayin'.

Sigivald said...

I agree that that's pretty icky.

But... if it's "inappropriate" to photograph it, why in hell are they letting 9 year olds do it in public in the first place?

I really suspect that half or more of the problem here is 9-year-olds doing "competitive cheerleading" - from context I'm inferring that they were dressed along the lines of adult/professional cheerleaders, which is in itself probably inappropriate for 9 year olds.

Jacqueline (somewhere in Texas) said...

I think the 'inappropriate photography' law is the Texas legislature's attempt to catch up with technology. Recently a creepy dude at a local big box store was arrested for the same thing. He had a camera attached to his shoe and was taking pictures up women's skirts. Passers-by noticed and called the cops. Personally, I would have accidentally kneed the guy & taken out the camera in the process, but that's just me.

Teke said...

As the resident TX cheer dad of a10 yr old in Houston (no i'm not the dad in the story) I can definitely relate to everything Jay said.

They interviewed the dad on the news last night. From what he said the Perv was taking video.

I am actually quite impressed with how observant the dad was. Between athletes, parents, coaches, there are easily several thousand people at these events. Parents video taping kids, high end cameras , cheap cameras you name it. A lot of them are heald in arenas and convention centers ad the house lights are turned down.

I can't say I would have been so kind but I think if he had known for sure what was up he may not have been either. If he had confronted the guy he would have probably disappeared before anything could have been done with law enforcement.

As for inappropriate to photograph. Think about college cheer leaders wher the throw them up in the air, do balance stunts with stretches set ding on people's hands, dancing, tumbling you will see privacy shorts . They all wear them. To a normal person it's a whatever thing, to a Perv its different.

To someone who had a thing for trees that knotty pine may get them excited for normal people its a tree.

ASM826 said...

Sigivald, you hit it in the X-ring.

Teke said...

ASM826 and Sigivald,

That is the same thing as saying a girls should not do gymnastics or swimming because their bathing suit may be too revealing. Most are similar to H.S. cheerleading uniforms. They show no more than a leotard or bathing suit. With a skirt added. The most revealing ones would be like a girls tank top 2 piece with a skirt and privacy shorts.

The argument is the same as saying we should not own a semi auto rifle because a wack job may see you at the range with it and follow you home to steal it. Banning 3-gun matches because some wacko shot up a school.

The problem is the same problem with Sandy hook and all the other nutjob related shootings. Sick people will do sick things. No Matter what.

Do I like the thought that some sicko may be watching my daughter, NO!
Do I realize that he could be sitting at the neighborhood pool, or by the school playground, or at the mall doing the same thing? Absolutely.