Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match...

Remember the Webley I posted last Friday for my Friday gun pic? Remember how Dennis mentioned it was for sale?

Linoge didn't waste any time taking it home.

He also gives an excellent dissertation on the history of the Webley, and shares pictures of his detail strip of this particular revolver in his excellent post. I'm tickled pink to hear that the Webley went to a good home; even more so that it went to a fellow gunnie and gun blogger. I think it is nothing short of hysterical that Linoge and Dennis live in the same state, yet Linoge heard of the Webley through the gun-based weblog of some shaved head biker dude in - of all places - Massachusetts.

How's that for living in the modern age?

That is all.

1 comment:

Linoge said...

You think it is hysterical.

Me, I am mildly peeved.