Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last Day!

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to order your York Arms T-shirt. SCI-FI will be sending the order to the T-shirt vendor tomorrow, and we'll be going based on your e-mails to me (NOT comments in any of the threads).

To recap:

Initial post idea

T-shirt launch

Follow-up questions

Everyone that sent me an e-mail with a T-shirt size has been counted. If you have not sent me your address, we'll obviously need that before we can ship your shirt. If you have sent me an e-mail and not gotten a response from me, please let me know immediately (like by noon tomorrow at the latest) so we can get your order in.

The response has been nothing short of amazing - we've got orders for well over 75 shirts so far - and we should have sufficient overage (some folks have been adding in a bit to their totals - thank you all so very much) to buy quite a few extra shirts for Wally to have available at the shop.

One of the things I'm thinking of once we have sent out all the T-shirts is to collect pictures of folks wearing their York Arms T-shirts. Maybe we can collect them into a book, give it to Zercool, and he can mail it to Governor Cuomo when he moves out of NY...

Get your orders in if you want a shirt!

That is all.


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This has been an awesome response--thanks to you and SCI-FI for getting it all together, and I LOVE the idea of getting photos w/folks wearing the shirts! :)