Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is The Tide Turning?

With the news that Olympic Arms is joining LaRue Tactical in denying sales to NY law enforcement, as well as Ronnie Barrett's refusal to sell his wares or service existing firearms in the state of California, it's starting to look like gun manufacturers are starting to notice the private market. With millions of guns being sold, ammunition flying off store shelves as fast as it can be stocked, and online retailers sold out of pretty much anything gun-related in the past two months, it seems as though our wallets are being heard.

Companies are starting to realize that - like Smith & Wesson after selling out to the Clinton administration - gun owners can and will punish companies that they deem unsupportive of our Second Amendment rights in the one way that companies notice - the bottom line. Conversely, companies that stand up with us when agencies attempt to subvert our Second Amendment rights should be rewarded. In that vein, Sean over at NC Gun Blog has an awesome idea:

New York Boycott

He's keeping track of all gun manufacturers that are refusing to sell guns or components to any New York State agency in retaliation for their new, hastily-passed gun laws.  I think this is a great idea, as it gives us a handy shopping list of companies that stand with us and are not just taking money from all angles. Sean is urging folks to contact other manufacturers to respectfully ask them to follow the lead of these other states, and if they respond in the negative, ask them why. Smith & Wesson, SIG SAUER, and Glock are the three manufacturers authorized to sell duty handguns in New York, so they're a great place to start.

Personally, what I would love to see would be Sig, S&W, and Glock come out with a special "New York" Magazine - limited to seven rounds of course - that would be the only magazine that they will sell to anyone, law enforcement or civilian, in the state of New York. It would be a stark reminder that everyone should have to deal with these draconian laws, and that perhaps limiting the police to the same rules and regulations as every other civilian would change mindsets quickly.

It'd also be nice to get the police to object under the guise that the bad guys will have "high capacity" magazines - get them on record admitting that the laws don't work. Now, I don't see this happening - New York is an enormous law enforcement market - but if we can start steering business to the companies that are standing with us while politely discussing the benefits of joining us to the others, we might see more and more companies willing to join in. If you hear of any company not on Sean's list, please send him that information.

Ben Franklin's words were never more true than now: "We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."

That is all.

UPDATE: Should have known better. York Arms is also part of this NY Boycott...


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks for the link.

I have the link to the GRNC email campaign on the page. It has email addresses and a short suggested letter to them asking them to stop selling guns to New York agencies.

Andrew said...

Sig will never do this. They are whores that are dying to be like H&K and just cater to .mil and .gov contracts.

I still have some hope for Glock, but PD is lucrative.

Anonymous said...

My brother in law who was in the Air Force stated that during training exercises and boot camp he and his fellow airmen were issued M-16 rifles, but only 3-rounds of ammo not loaded and locked. Think about that for a moment. Men and Women in charge of guarding some expensive hardware and limited to 3-rounds each. There were only 4 members guarding an entire flight line and surrounding buildings and maybe that many AF police on the entire base.

When he deployed to Iraq, he had been issued a M-4 with 3 20-round magazines while on the flight line. None of these weapons were supposed to be "charged."

This is the same political mindset that makes other draconian laws and wants them to magically work.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Anon 3:54: That was standard when I was in too. I used to have to guard Heavy Drop Rigging Site when I was in the 82nd Airborne. There were three of us. We got two (not zeroed) M-16A2s with 3 rounds each.

There were Stinger missiles in the building uploaded on to HMMWVs which were pre-rigged for airborne drops and we had a total of 6 rounds to protect them and ourselves.

Brad_in_MA said...


While not NY, Magpul has gotten into the action as well. There are a number of anti-2A bills working their way through the Colorado legislature. If any pass, Magpul has stated publically they will cease operations in CO, and MOVE TO TEXAS. I wonder if Magpul sells to NY?

Sean D Sorrentino said...

I tried calling and emailing MagPul. I thought that they would be an easy addition. The problem is that I can't get through to them. I'm sure they would join, but I think they are too busy trying to make PMags to answer the phone.

pax said...

Personally, what I would love to see would be Sig, S&W, and Glock come out with a special "New York" Magazine - limited to seven rounds of course - that would be the only magazine that they will sell to anyone, law enforcement or civilian, in the state of New York.

Love this, because the stated purpose of many of these laws is to dry up the supply of "evil" guns & accessories. Heh.

Wraith said...

I applaud all you firearms manufacturers deciding that the whole (goose = gander) thing should apply to our Civil Rights...

...unless you're making an exception for the Feds, in which case you really ought to know that (50 * trees = 1 forest).

Math limit reached.

Roadkill said...

The question is, how many of the companies can make it on LE and military sales alone? Certainly not many given that there are still a lot of choices for service pistols. Those choices will be reduced. Which was makes them the most money? I wouldn't put it past an entire state to refuse to buy from a single manufacturer out of spite, but that might only last until the governor leaves office.