Friday, February 8, 2013

If You Thought NYPD Was Bad...

Oh, boy, LAPD just made NY shooting bystanders look good. Y'all are not gonna BELIEVE this s**t.

3 bystanders reportedly shot by police during hunt for murder suspect
Three bystanders suffered gunshot wounds Thursday morning after California police mistakenly opened fire on individuals driving a truck that matched the description of the vehicle being driven by a suspect police say is following through on a manifesto to kill police officers, reported.

The undercover police involved in the shooting were guarding the Torrance, Calif., home of a police officer who was considered a high-risk target for Christopher Jordan Dorner, an ex-LAPD police officer who is the main suspect in three separate murders.

Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ on a pogo stick. Two of the three were WOMEN who were shot while delivering newspapers. Apparently they were driving a vehicle similar to Dorner near the home of one of the people on Dorner's "enemies list" and the LA PD opened fire. Because, you know, when you have qualified immunity there's no need to identify your target.

Look, I understand that tensions are high. You've got some nutball ex-cop running around shooting police officers and their families. You want this guy dead. Not caught, dead. He made it personal, like something out of "Lethal Weapon" or something, and you want him stopped, preferably with enough bullet holes to make swiss cheese jealous. I grok that.

But sweet suffering Vishnu, you can't just open fire on any vehicle (barely) fitting that description.

And yet read the gorram news reports. People were "shot at by mistake". Holy f**k, apparently the suspect was driving a Nissan Titan, and I found this picture of the truck shot up:

That's a Toyota Tacoma, folks. The Nissan Titan is a full sized truck. The Tacoma is a small truck. These panicky morons opened up on the first truck-like vehicle that came down the street. They didn't ID the vehicle, they CERTAINLY didn't look at who was in the truck, as the suspect was a black male and the two people shot were females.

Again, imagine if that had been a private citizen. Imagine that someone who had a restraining order out against an ex started opening fire indiscriminately on every car that looked like their ex's. How many seconds would elapse before the closest SWAT team shot them dead? Even if they had managed to be subdued without being killed, they'd be facing decades in jail - and rightfully so. You can't just hose down a moving motor vehicle because it's the same color as one you're looking for.

I'm certain that the officers responsible for this will be properly disciplined. No, seriously, stop laughing. They might get a couple months off with pay. Imagine the hardship they'll endure - I mean, they could have murdered two innocent people here, and all they get out of it is a lousy paid vacation? But there's no need for an "assault weapon", right? I mean, out-of-control agents of the state randomly shooting at people with no repercussions could never happen, right?

It's these types of stories - and the complete and utter lack of consequences - that make folks like me who normally support the cops use "Only Ones" with all the contempt I can muster.

That is all.


Scott_S said...

The farked up thing is that it appears this guy tried normal channels for two years and exhausted all options.

That in no way excuses his actions but it does beg the question: Why haven't we heard about this before?

TOW Gunner said...

I just read another story that says just MINUTES after this fiasco another truck "fitting the description of Dorners" was shot at. Luckily no on was hurt that time.
I read the manifesto lastnight and it honestly looks to me like the guy was a straight cop and got steamrolled by the corruption in the LAPD. I don't condone anything he's doing right now but I'd love to see journalists investigate his claims and see what happens. A lot of what he talks about can be proven or disproved.

gator said...

Something tells me we'll see a lot of "collateral damage" in the coming civil war/revolution.

Ancient Woodsman said...

It was also a gray Nissan Titan, while that there is a blue Toyota Tacoma.

Two Asian ladies shot while delivering newspapers in a blue truck; it's easy to see how they could be mistaken for one angry armed black man in a gray truck.

Nothing to see here...move along...

LMB said...

Yeah, it's getting kind of crazy here in California. Even the cops around here 3 hours north of LA seem to be a bit more twitchy than usual.

wolfwalker said...

Take a real close look at that truck. It was shot up from BEHIND. At least half the bullet holes are in the tailgate or bumper, where they couldn't possibly penetrate to the cab. There must be ten holes in the rear window -- and yet, the driver wasn't killed.

THESE are the competent LEOs that the powers-that-lurk want me to trust my safety to?

Jay G said...

It's worse than that.

They were looking for *ONE* suspect.

Yet they were shooting into the passenger side as well.


I suspect we will never know.

Jay G said...

And just to keep track:

The police KNEW what kind of vehicle that Dorner was driving. He had a GREY NISSAN TITAN.

The two vehicles shot (assuming there weren't more we're not hearing about) were:


Wrong color.

Wrong make.

Wrong model.

Wrong size.

And yet the cops opened fire on both vehicles.

Qualified immunity means never having to worry about your backstop.

LMB said...

Yeah, and what's more is now this Dorner turd is turning into something of a folk hero over on Twitter and facebook. LAPD is going to have a serious problem with getting any public assistance after this. As far as many of the public are concerned, this guy is killing cops, and the cops are shooting at the wrong people, so FTP.

Interesting times, indeed.

Anonymous said...

New LAPD rifles offer minute of pickup combat accuracy!

All those Asian pickups look the same to Americans.


wolfwalker said...

Have you read his manifesto, LMB? If even half of it is true, he has reason to be mad at the LAPD.

wolfwalker said...

Jay: "Yet they were shooting into the passenger side as well."

Judging by the widely scattered shot placement -- some as low as the rear bumper, many more into the tailgate -- I'm guessing the passenger-side shots were strays. Certainly none of the officers who were firing will win any awards for accuracy.

Phil L. said...

Let me get this straight: Our politicians want to take away these magically "high powered" assault weapons - and yet, after about 40 rounds (please take this opportunity to zoom in on a high res version of the photo and start counting; I can wait) into the truck, both occupants survive?

Disclaimer: Some holes look like slower-moving handgun rounds to me, but many are what I'd expect a .223/5.56 to make.

This dichotomy of message should be something that causes thoughtful consideration on the part of our politicians, but I anticipate the opportunity will be missed.

Jennifer said...

By the time this mess is over, I predict the LAPD will have shot more innocent people than the guy hunting them.

Ferret said...


Maybe that's part of the plan.

I wonder how the uniform company is coping with this situation, what with all of the soiled trousers they've got flooding in.

Maybe LAPD will go into full-on JBT mode and just take the gloves off entirely because of this and become like a less-organized version of Hitler's brownshirts - the L.A. Brownshorts, for example. (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

Based on the LAPD doing insane stuff like this, it almost makes the guy with the manifesto look like less crazy one.

Robert said...

Looks to me like possibly one of the cops had his "patrol rifle" set to Rock&Roll and held his finger down on the trigger til the mag was empty.

Anonymous said...

At what point does returning fire become legitimate self defense?

Glenn B said...
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Glenn B said...

Spray and pray is what it was. It was also an absolute disgrace. The cops, I think, should be horse whipped, stripped of badges, creds and guns, then fired and horse whipped, then sent to jail for at least 5-10 years. It is a shame that they may very well remain on the job as police officers after these events.