Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hump Day Addition

Jeff B. sends in the latest addition to the count.

Good Samaritan fatally shoots man attacking wife
A 44-year-old man was fatally shot as he was fighting with his wife and then attacked a neighbor when the Good Samaritan stepped in to help the woman Tuesday night in north Harris County.

Victor Daniel died at the scene about 8:50 p.m. in the 23200 block of Berry Pine near Woodiver, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

This is a nightmare scenario all around. Our Hero™ sees a man and a woman arguing. The man starts beating on the woman, so Our Hero™ steps in to do something and the dude turns on him. He's damn lucky the woman didn't start attacking him as well - or testify against him that *he* was the aggressor.

This is one of those scenarios - like the "bump" in the night - that I know the "right" way to handle it and the way I'd end up handling it. The "right" way to handle a domestic call is to dial 911 and be a good witness - let the professionals handle it. There are so many ways it can go wrong and so few it can go right, you're much better off calling it in, giving a running commentary to the 911 operator as to what you're observing, and staying out of it.

That said, I can't believe I'd stand by while sumdood uses his wife for his own version of Mike Tyson's Knock-Out.

This being Texas, I'm guessing Our Hero™ will come out all right. In another location, though, an overzealous prosecutor might try to sink him for going over to the confrontation while armed. He might beat the charge, but not after spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. As it stands, Texas having pretty strong "Stand Your Ground" laws, the fact that the scumbag was beating him with a deadly weapon will most likely cover him.

Like the comments to the story said: Don't bring a brick to a gunfight.

Dead Goblin Count: 366

That is all.


John Anderson said...

DGC goldmine:

Will Brown said...

Don't be so quick with the assumptions there, Pard. Harris Co. is very liberal (for Texas) and a democrat/progressive hotbed second only to Austin (with a lot larger low economic population base of voters too). A couple other issues with the story bother me.

First, Our Hero™ went over to the Daniel's property from what I can tell; what part of "stand your ground" covers ambulatory activity?

Secondly, the article doesn't mention important details, but how forcefully did the helpful neighbor intercede in the Daniel family dispute? You can't claim self defense if you are committing a crime yourself at the time.

I hope the un-named neighbor turns out to be the very definition of a "Good Samaritan", but the grand jury being led to find so in Harris Co. is by no means a given.

TigerStripe said...

If HPD had been the responding agency I could see things going badly for Our Hero. However, this happened in Spring and HCSO responded. I highly doubt anything negative will happen to Our Hero.

This has nothing to do with SYG. Deadly force in defense of oneself or a third party is justified in Texas penal law.


Ed said...

"Be a good witness"?
Because of the expression that "No good deed will go unpunished"?
Is that anything like the British expression to "Be another brick in the wall"?

pax said...

Yeah. Sometimes there are no good answers.

Here's what happens when you just call 911 and be a good witness in a situation like this: