Monday, February 25, 2013

Helpful Winter Driving Tips...

After the third snowstorm in as many weekends, I figured it was time for a refresher course on how to drive in snow.
  • If you clear off only what snow can be reached by your windshield wipers, you are a lazy cretin. Driving down the road with large hunks of snow flying off your car is both rude and dangerous. Although I do have to admit to a certain degree of smug satisfaction when your panic braking (from tailgating me) results in the entire contents of your roof being deposited on your windshield...
  • Note to snowplows: Yes, I know I make this point every single storm, but just because you bolted a 7' Fisher to the front of your 1993 Silverado doesn't give you immunity from either traffic laws or physics. If you back out into the street without looking, you're going to cause or wind up in an accident. Having the name of the landscaping company to which the trucks belong plastered all over the side won't help win you any customers, either.
  • In a parking lot: Just because there are 15 snowflakes on the ground doesn't mean that you can park anywhere you want. The handicap spaces still have a large sign in front of them designating them thusly; just because the sign on the ground is covered doesn't mean the spot is up for grabs. Also, try to park less than three time zones away from the car next to you, thanks.
  • To the folks walking: I don't know what planet you live on, but here on earth it's not a great idea to walk two abreast with your back to traffic out in the street. Yes, I know the sidewalks have not be adequately cleared to walk on; I empathize there. However, going for your morning power walk when you have to walk with traffic is just begging to take a mirror off the back of the head, especially when you hear the car coming and make no attempt whatsoever to move out of the middle of the travel lane. See note #2: you are not immune to physics.
  • I don't know how many times I have to say it, but I will apparently have to keep saying it until it starts to sink in. If you are traveling up a hill in a snowstorm, DO NOT STOP. Stopping is the enemy. Momentum is your friend. If you stop, it is highly likely you will not be able to continue progressing up the hill, and will have to crab-slide sideways down the hill as you attempt to power skid your way forward. While it is highly amusing to those of us who can drive in the snow, you're in the damn way.
I think that covers it for now.

That is all.


John said...

Turn your effing headlights on!

Just because YOU can see doesn't mean I can see YOU!

BadgerMedic said...

The 'walking problem' is a 365/day issue here in NC... When did we stop teaching our children to walk AGAINST traffic so you can SEE the oncoming threat????

Ed said...

In snow, some laws of physics do apply.

A stopped vehicle tends to stay stopped, even when you press the accelerator.

A moving vehicle tends to stay moving, even when you press on the brake pedal.

Four wheel drive may assist you in getting moving better than a two wheel drive vehicle, but does not stop any quicker when you apply the brakes.

Roger said...

There is more. Oh so much more. But that's the reason I fled the northeast for freedom from snow in the Gunshine state of Florida.

Christina LMT said...

Also: Don't be a dick.

That applies in all weather conditions and DOUBLE in Massachusetts.

Phssthpok said...

Regarding the 'hill' advice: I made good money one fine wintery ice storm when I was the only pizza delivery driver in town smart enough to put chains on his featherweight FWD econo-box in a town with hills that would make SanFrancisco look like Kansas.

I was getting tips bigger than the bill for making the trek up the hill so THEY didn't have to try to make it down.

And yes, I kept moving. I had zero compunction about using the ENTIRE road to keep moving if some numb-nuts was stopped mid-hill.

Anonymous said...

Re. stuff on your car. In some states, if you leave snow/ice on your vehicle and it causes problems for other drivers, you get a couple of tickets.


Mrs. Widget said...

(Tones of Dixie in the background) And this is why I live in the South.