Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Boy, 4, kills himself with father's stolen gun
A suspected drug dealer has been arrested for the death of his 4-year-old son who Houston authorities say picked up his father's gun and shot himself.

Police determined the gun had been stolen in a burglary two years ago.
There is so much wrong with this story, I think it's easier to point out what's right - that he's going to jail.

I mean, to recap:
  • Stolen gun
  • Drug dealer
  • Currently engaged in dealing drugs out of the same apartment where his son lives.
  • Napping while in charge of a pre-schooler
  • Left a loaded gun unattended where said pre-schooler could find it.
This is the kind of "tragedy" the forces against freedom just love to exploit. I mean, who could argue against a dead four year old? If you oppose gun control, you must want more dead pre-schoolers, right? I mean, never mind the fact that this kid's father was dealing drugs out of an apartment with a four year old in it, with enough drugs to put him away for possession with intent to distribute. Never mind that the gun was stolen. Never mind that this sperm donor thought nothing of leaving a loaded gun where a child could find it and then took a nap. He was more concerned with hiding evidence of his drug dealing than attending to his dying son. There's a special hell for that.

And then... He gets a $50K bond? Charged with "injury to a child by omission"? I can only hope this is a local thing, because I have a hard time believing they couldn't get a negligent homicide charge to stick here. $50K bond means he's out on $5K cash - $5,000 for the life of a child. That's why we have such horrific gun violence right there, folks. We have so thoroughly cheapened human life that a drug dealing lowlife can cause the death of a four year old boy and walk out of jail for the price of a used car.

And to make matters worse, the forces against freedom will - without any guilt or shame - pick up this story and use it as a bludgeon against those of us who support man's inherent right to self defense with the best tools possible. They will stand there, over that poor boy's cooling body, screaming about how we need "common sense gun control"; about how "children are dying because the NRA loves their guns" and we need to do something, even "if it only saves one life".

A drug dealer with a stolen gun who thinks so little of his own children that he deals drugs and leaves loaded guns lying around for them to find isn't going to be hindered one bit by any gun control they can dream up. No matter how you limit the magazines, or how many guns can be purchased in a month, or what "evil features" can go on certain rifles, the bad people aren't going to be stopped. I honestly can't tell which is worse - that these people might really think that just one more law could stop someone like this monster, or that they know it won't, but will use this tragedy to their own ends regardless...

Sometimes I think this isn't a human race, it's a human plummet.

That is all.


Sevesteen said...

Arguing with a liberal, I wound up finding as many cases where a toddler or young child 'shoots himself' or another child, then following up with a search for details left out of the original story.

NRA membership was never an issue, and these were not from ordinary middle-class families. In every case I was able to find some obvious risk factor, usually drugs, prohibited people with guns, or an unemployed boyfriend babysitting kids from a previous relationship while his girlfriend works.

FrankC said...

Great pity the young'un didn't try the gun on his daddy.

Gene in NC said...

Shouldn't this be covered under the felony murder rule? Anyone in possesion of a stolen firearm is commiting a felony right. It doesn't stop being a felony after any length of time...The child died while the father was commiting a felony, textbook felony murder rule wouldn't you think. Please educate me if not...