Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #306

Today's gun pr0n comes to us courtesy of Zercool, who sends in his latest build:

Damn, but that's a beautiful rifle, isn't it? Let Zercool tell you about her:
Wally and I started this project back in August. Instead of him bringing me a check for the graphics I'd done, I asked for a new receiver - and it snowballed from there into a new rifle! I asked him about 5.56, then .25-223, and he finally nudged me into 300 AAC Blackout; the final nudge being trying his at blogshoot.

We kicked ideas back and forth, had a few headaches as barrels kept becoming unavailable, etc. The original design was a stainless medium-ish profile with fluting. Off the cuff, Wally said, "Hey - what about an octagonal barrel?!" My first reaction was that it was just a bit TOO out there... and then I started thinking about it.

How many ARs have you seen with an octagonal barrel? Me either. We kicked some more specifics around, ordered various and sundry parts. (Fortunately, all this ordering was done back in early fall, when things were tight but not insane!)
Here's that barrel, close up:
The final results are here, with the following build list:
- York Arms, custom engraving designed by me based on an image from Larry Correia's "Hard Magic" (and approved by him for one-time use). Caliber-marked for 300BLK, selectors are "JUDGE/AVENGE" - see Revelations 6:8-10 for the source of the engraving and selectors.
- Rock River Arms two-stage match trigger and parts kit
- Battle Arms Development BAD-ASS ambi selector, stainless
- Magpul MOE stock, pinned and epoxied to meet NY law
- Palmetto State Armory "blemished" upper receiver
- WMD NiB bolt carrier group, FA carrier
- Troy Alpha 13" free-float rail
- carbine gas system
- Green Mountain Barrel .308/1:8 blank, custom-profiled by York Arms to:
-- eighteen inches
-- 0.80" diameter behind the gas block
-- 0.740" major diameter octagon in front of the gas block
- Burris PEPR scope mount
- Nikon ProStaff 2-7x32 scope

Only thing remaining to pick up is a Larue QD bipod setup...

Unloaded weight without the grip-pod is 7lb 15oz.

Yes, York can make you one too - except for that specific engraving. Talk to York directly for quotes!
Damn, but that's a beauty, Zercool. Thanks for sharing her with us. I expect to be picking up my "Fill Yer Hands" lower over the weekend (long story, one that I will most certainly share with you later; I'll just leave it that it was time for me to bring it home), and while I'm not sure what exactly I'll be doing with that AR, it's going to have to be something pretty damn spectacular to match it's Conspirator brother or the Pale Horse beauty shown here.
No matter what you decide to build, York Arms can hook you up - unless you're a New York Government entity, that is...
That is all.


Old NFO said...

Yep, that's a nice one! :-)

Mopar said...

Wally sure does nice work. Hopefully he's found forgings for all the new orders that must be pouring in as more people become aware of York Arms.

Bill Rosich said...

Got a call from my local FFL yesterday informing me that the stripped CMMG lower I ordered back in December finally arrived.

Now what?

Is there a "ARs for Dummies" out there that can walk me through the process of acquiring the rest of the parts needed and how to assemble said parts into something that actually shoots?

I figure some of your guys have built ARs. How did you get into it? Watch someone else build one? YouTube clips? A book?

ZerCool said...

Bill, there is a wealth of information on the web, but I've done all of my assemblies with this guide on open next to me.

There are also several very good books out there; check the "hunting/shooting" section (in "sports) at your local bookstore.

Bill Rosich said...

Thanks, ZerCool!

Anonymous said...

I notice the price on the York Arms website is significantly higher than before the recent frenzy. Do you have any idea if this is temporary due to increased demand, or is that more permanent?

Wally said...

You imagine, we fashion.

That octagon barrel came out swell. I was in a hurry to ship it before any other customers spied it - lest I'd have to make more. Quite time consuming, but that was a labor of pure love and I am positive that Harry Pope was over my shoulder the entire time.

Pricing has been moving and has been dominated by our forging suppliers. It's been a battle to keep forgings inbound. Pricing is being revisted with each inbound delivery, and I do expect to be able to move that price down.

Stretch said...

An octagonal barreled AR?
With Correia inspired engraving?

I'll be in my bunk.