Thursday, February 21, 2013

Four, Four, Four Adds in a Row...

Bob sends in the latest addition, out of California of all places.

Armed robber shot, killed by Sacramento store employee
SACRAMENTO - An employee of a cell phone store shot and killed a suspected armed robber Sunday afternoon and officials say the shooting appears to be justified.

Sgt. Jason Ramos of Sacramento Sheriff's Department said an armed man walked into a Rosemont area Metro PCS business in the 8900 block of Folsom Blvd. around 3 p.m.

The striking thing is that everyone interviewed in the video was supportive of the clerk's actions. Even in CA, they realize that sticking a gun in someone's face comes with the risk of getting shot. Even the police officer interviewed seemed somewhat sympathetic - and none of the standard "We don't advise people to resist" crap they tend to come out with.

Now, what got me is that this is the 2nd or 3rd time this store has been robbed. I wasn't aware that no-contract cell phone places were in the habit of keeping large amounts of cash handy. Then again, folks knock over convenience stores all the time, and the typical haul there is only a couple hundred dollars.

Never ceases to amaze me that folks will risk, quite literally, everything for something they could get for an honest day's work. 

Dead Goblin Count: 372

That is all.


wolfwalker said...

"I wasn't aware that no-contract cell phone places were in the habit of keeping large amounts of cash handy."

I'd guess that most of them aren't. They that buy such things usually do so by credit card. The goblin might well have been after cellphones, specifically no-contract burn phones to sell on the street, and decided that armed robbery was cheaper than buying.

Anonymous said...

Look at the other choices the goblin had in that stop mall
Liquor store....... Nope. Likely armed and experienced
Nail salon.......nope .. Pissed off females with sharp things
Massage parlor.....not good to make the wrong people mad
Ahhhh. Cell phone store. They must have $$$$$$


LMB said...

Yeah, dude was obviously after cell phones he could pawn off.