Friday, February 8, 2013

Flagellate That Deceased Ungulate!

I know, I know. That horse is dead, I should stop beating it. But Joseph in IL sent in this story that just so fully illustrates what's wrong with the concept of gun control that I had to use it...

Boy, 15, arrested 19th time after armed robbery
A 15-year-old boy with nearly 20 arrests on his record has been charged with armed robbery after he held up a man near his home, police said.
It was Jesus Castaneda’s 19th arrest, according to police, and his second gun-related charge. He was last arrested in August 2012 for unlawful use of a weapon, police said.
15 years old and he's been arrested 19 times. Twice for firearms violations. Now, last time I checked, IL didn't have concealed carry. They also don't allow 15 year olds to own handguns. And yet here is a thug - a career criminal before he is old enough to drive - getting his hands on a firearm for the second KNOWN time. Now, there's a much larger issue here. Why is this thug still on the street? Why does he feel like he can flaunt the law?

Isn't it far more likely that we have a crime and punishment problem rather than a gun problem? That this 15 year old fears no punishment whatsoever should be a clarion call - but since he's unlikely to become a poster boy for gun control, he'll be forgotten by morning. He'll walk in and out of court until he finally kills someone - and he will kill someone or get himself killed, make no mistake there - and then MAYBE the courts might punish him adequately.

Or maybe Chicago will just keep giving him second chances (or in his case, 20th chances) and continue blaming Smith & Wesson...

That is all.


Armed Texan said...

I think we need to get away from thinking of prison as a place for punishment or reform. It is not nor has it ever been. Prison is where we put predators to protect us from their predations. Some predators are so unrepentant or their crimes so heinous that we put them there for life or put them to death to protect society. That any person chooses to reform themselves while being separated from society at large is merely a desirable side effect, but by no means the principle purpose of prison. That any person chooses to control their baser instincts for fear of going to prison, considering that punishment, is only a beneficial side effect.

When we get back to understanding the primary purpose of prison, we might realize that putting someone in prison for smoking pot without harming anyone else is ridiculous and counter-productive. We might also realize that putting an unrepentant murderer or a serial burglar or a rapist in prison for minimal amounts is unproductive and protects no one.

libertyman said...

I thought the guy was from Massachusetts!

pax said...

If and when a good person effectively defends himself or herself from this career criminal, the headlines will be used to take defensive tools away from the good person.

Does this make sense to anyone? Bueller?