Monday, February 4, 2013

Destination Spot: Added.

Stretch sends in some pictures from his visit to the Cody Museum, part of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, WY:

Lever action goodness.

Rows and rows of rifles.

Chrome-plated M-14s. From the Air Force.

Yeah. That's going on the list of places to visit someday. Preferably when I can stay and drool a while. Like a year or two.

Thanks for the pics, Stretch!

That is all.


libertyman said...

They have an excellent collection of western art there as well. It is a fabulous place, and only getting better. Bill Ruger put a million bucks into it since I was there. It is a definite destination -- let's go!

Turk Turon said...

They have one of ten existing Japanese M1 Garand copies, with a tangent rear sight and a ten-shot magazine.

Definitely on my short list of places to visit.

Anonymous said...

You can send the Mrs. and the kids to go chase the critters in that little nature park up the road. That gives you at least a few hours of uninterrupted contemplation, meditation, and salivation. :)


Anonymous said...

I was there as a kid in the early
1960s. Have been wanting to go back
ever since. Maybe next year.

Andie said...

OOooooOOOOoooo... I hear a road trip in the making!

Anonymous said...

Well you could visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and then visit Yellowstone National Park. Then drive through Idaho and south into Utah stopping in Ogden and the Browning Arms museum at the Union Pacific Depot. I mean what's not to like there? Guns and trains together in one spot. Hopefully Ron is still there.

No drooling on your keyboard and you have been warned.

KJ said...

If you want to really explore you need to show up as soon as the museum opens and pack a lunch. They've got as many pistols and shotguns as they have rifles, and that's just the firearms side. The historical side is just as fascinating in it's own right. Remember, Cody was the one who promoted Annie Oakley as part of his "Wild West Show".

Hunter said...

The Cody is a great museum. Iffen you are ever on a cruise ship in Southeast Alaska, put the Trading Post at Totem Bight, outside of Ketchikan, on your list. He has a small, intense museum there. Two Gatlings, a LeMat rifle, beautiful old European wheel locks, a Nock Volley Gun, on and on. Not on-line, you have to visit.

Jeffersonian said...

I have been there.

I took pictures.

Ohhh yeah.

Ed said...

You could also swing south to Denver Colorado area and visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave in Golden Colorado. I fondly remember sampling freshly brewed ale at the Coors Brewery in Golden after an early morning tour before a flight out of Denver. Also recommended is dinner at Denver's Buckhorn Exchange, founded by one of Col. William Cody's scouts and which has a 125 piece weapons collection on display. If you really like buffalo, try The Fort in Morrison, Colorado, modeled after Bent's Fort, which also was the model for Fort Mercer in the videogame "Red Dead Redemption".

David said...

You need one full day minimum for the museum. The family will probably enjoy the main floor with you. But once you go downstairs where there is nothing but drawers and cabinets full of guns you will probably be on your own.

Two days would be better than one. If you are there during the summer, plan on taking in the western re-enactment downtown in the evenings. They put on an entertaining show. I loved the presentation before the show on gun safety. Pay the couple bucks and get yourself some reserved chairs.

mikee said...

Museum is just down the street from those makers of fine custom rolling block single shot rifles, Ballard Rifle & Cartridge.

I'd suggest you can drool at the new ones as well as at the old ones in Cody.